Rolling jazz chat


Great thread silks. I'm 30 posts in and feeling a bit overwhelmed with recommendations. What is anyone's top three recommendations they've found on this thread?


Even if you just give the favourite Mingus bit a try-out I'd hope you find plenty to enjoy for starters




Just want to bump Grant Green in tribute to another 15 minutes of blissing out to this piece

In jazz related news I booked tickets today to see a live band do Madlib's Shades of Blue at the jazz cafe in February. Gon be groovin


Time for some Christmas jazz. As this is my first jazzy christmas, anyone got any more suggestions?


Did you go to any of the Played Twice nights at Brilliant Corners? Live reinterpretations of some very serious albums by some amazing players.

Hate the Jazz Cafe these days though.


Nope didnt do any of those. I've not been to jazz cafe before, what's wrong with it?


Not so much an issue with it as a space - more that it has become increasingly corporate with a less friendly personality; some friends have had a long-standing relationship with them and they say things have changed. Plus they mostly book dance music these days, so I'm looking at it less than I did pre-refurb.


Some contemporary jazz love going on over at Stereogum.


love Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra.


Thanks for this, going to be my festive listening. Reckon this begs the question, how do you all find new jazz? I mean, there's definitely enough in the canon to dig through, but it's exciting to keep on top of new stuff too.


Was coming here to mention the new Battle Trance record. Loved Palace of Wind but hadn't realised they had a new one out until I saw it on the Norman Records AOTY list. Calling it jazz might be pushing it a touch, but there's some overwhelmingly beautiful moments off the back of 4 tenors playing completely in harmony with each other.

Love the Shabaka & the Ancestors record. He's up there with the best sax players I've ever seen in the flesh, I think. Was incredible to see him absolutely going for it when I played with the Comet is Coming earlier this year.

Anyone mentioned the Szun Waves record? Luke Abbott with the drummer from PVT and the sax player from Portico Quartet doing a cosmic free jazz trio thing, recorded by James Holden. Another of my favs from this year, drumming is excellent:


Haven't heard the album but I saw Szun Waves support James Holden doing a live thing with some African musicians at LSO St Luke's in the summer, it was all pretty good stuff. Must listen further.


Anyone on here going to see The Comet is Coming in Ramsgate on Wednesday night?


I know they've been mentioned several times before in this thread, but I got the Mammal Hands album FLOA for Xmas and it's proving to be the perfect soundtrack to the evening after a big hangover. Fills the Portico Quartet shaped hole really nicely. Maybe not as broad a range as they had, tends towards emotive sax with cinematic piano and skittery beats - but they are damn good at it and the tunes are great. This one in particular is doing it for me:


I've got to hear Battle Trance - the reviews I've read sound right up my street.


It is such a good album, in my top 10 of 2016 probably.

As for Quartico Quartet, the Quartico Facebook page posted this the other day:

Really hope they return to the Quartet electronic-jazz sound - the Quartico album was such boring dross. The PQ self-titled is one of my go-to nighttime albums.




this album contains a pretty loose (and plain wrong geographically) idea of 'Far East', but who cares. Think it's pretty much Ellington just trying to make a musical version of his holidays. Beautiful serene slow passages, cocktails on the veranda style, then some bits where it gets all hot and bustling.


Mammal Hands are coming to Ramsgate if any Kentish folk are interested: