Rolling jazz chat


Loved revisiting all the Dave Holland quintet records recently. Beautiful writing & playing.


Been listening to Art Blakey lately. This album is amazing. Big Band set up (I might be wrong but I think this is the only big bang album he did) - with musicians who didn’t usually play big band stuff so the sound is very relaxed too. Loads of bangers. Having a lovely time.


For what its worth the Jazz stuff i’ve been really digging for the last 12 months is Art Blakey’s Indestructible, the Ornette Coleman boxset - Beauty is a rare thing and Miles Davis’ seven steps to heaven. Highly recommended one and all but I imagine I am preaching to the converted here!?


Just been lent this by a pal and it’s great.


JAZZ QUESTION - are there any good websites for jazz news/articles etc.? Preferably something that gave a decent balance between old and new…? Feel pretty out of the loop with new stuff and would love to be able to read more about it all generally.


All About Jazz is generally decent:

Jazzwise magazine is good too, and Downbeat is a classic


Been really enjoying delving into Duke Ellington again recently. Masterpieces by… is such a great record, one of the first to be on a long-player so Ellington could break through 3/4 minutes. Some of the harmonies on Mood Indigo are just dreamland


especially from c.11m30 onwards. those harmonies are so crunchy


I have a Google Play work playlist with about 1,000 tracks that I often stick on shuffle for the whole day.
This just came on & I’m thinking Christ how does music get better?


Some more lush harmonies from Duke Pearson Nonet

So beautiful


Amazing. Thanks! Delving in now…


Have you ever listened to this? The Queen’s Suite.

Ellington recorded it for and gave a single pressing to Her Maj - wasn’t released commercially until after his death. I saw Marsalis’s Lincoln Center band play The Single Petal of a Rose from it at the Barbican a couple of years ago but with a bass clarinet playing the melody - up there with one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen live.


was listening yesterday! it’s so great.

Been diving into Ellington’s catalogue a lot and it’s pretty much universally amazing


Absolutely. There’s so much of it too.

Also, just discovered that the saxophonist, Joe Temperley, who played that bass clarinet solo died last year. That’s really sad. Seems like he was a hero. Look at the biog! Madness. I had no idea that he’d played with Ellington when I saw it at the time.


Oh man. There’s a recording of it from a concert in Budapest.

#256 is quite a busy site, it covers a lot of straight-ahead stuff which isn’t too exciting but overall is quite interesting and well connected. I check it most days, check it out


Completely missed it Miles Molesy (has collaborated with Kamasi Washington) released his debut album Uprising last week.

The single ‘Abraham’ is on the 2016 Jazz playlist if anyone wants a refresh:


Can’t believe I’ve gone so long without hearing this:


Quintet version of that tune from Marius Neset at the beginning of this video/ Blows my mind. Still can’t tag the time signature at all.


New discovery thanks to yer man Gilles Peterson: