Rolling jazz chat


saw these guys at jazz cafe last night doing a ‘classic album’ show of Madlib’s Shades Of Blue (with guest sax, trumpet and vibes/percussion players) and then after they did a set of their own stuff.

Fizzy moog and luminous keys over jittery and supremely tight grooves. Said they’ve got an album out later in the year.


Finally giving that BadBadNotGood album a go. You know the one. IV.

It’s a lot smoother than I was expecting!


I tried to book those guys for a show once, they’re great.

I think we ended up with Cameron Vale instead who are awesome - similar-ish vein. This track is particularly great:


…the title track sounds like The Soft Machine.

Anyone like The Soft Machine. Oh, they’re incredible.


I’ve been listening to this a lot recently. It’s a really ugly beautiful record:

Love how out and then how far back in it goes. Some of the most beautiful moments are the really simple bits of clarity. One of my favourite records I think.


can’t actually listen to that or see the track name on my work comp for some reason. Listening to one by them called Polyglot on ol youtube though and it’s raging. Quite a lot like Acoustic Ladyland, who I love. Great that there are loads of exciting new jazzers with albums coming out soon.

Where do you put on shows?


Ah it was Polyglot! Great tune.

This show was at the Modern Art Gallery in Oxford. Mostly been doing shows there but have put on our last for a while as I’m moving!


I think they played a couple of tracks from this album at Sunfall last July, sounded good. Gonna give the album a go.


Really like it upon the first few listens, I was going to post on here recommending it to everyone.

BEST TRACKS: Young Lion, Abraham, LA Won’t Bring You Down, More Than This, Shadow of Doubt, Reap a Soul.

I hope Love Supreme book him and his entourage for their festival as that would seal the deal for me buying a ticket.


Good column


New album I’ve been enjoying, I’d not heard of her before but it’s really good stuff


These guys were one of my entry points into jazz and still blow me away - lots of fun and darkness and punk energy


Pretty excited for this. Loving ‘Om Shanti’.


So any tips when creating a jazz band? I’m going to start it with some friends and we don’t really know how to start!


hey this is really good

bit moondoggy


good vibes south african jazz piano

took a photo of this guy’s cd in a chazza the other day to make a note to listen to it…think I might go back and buy now


Few new discoveries from 2015 & 2016…


Blimey, confirmed to play along with Kamasi Washington!


He was on bass for Kamasi’s set at Glastonbury last year! He is certainly the following: Ace.


So Portico Quartet are coming back. Signed to Gondwana Records which is promising.