Rolling jazz chat


Maybe they read this thread and took note of my scathing takedown


Has anyone listened to the Ronald Bruner Jr. album that came out last month by the way?

Older brother of Thundercat and appeared on Kamasi Washington’s album.

Blend of jazz, R&B - some good songs on there but sometimes the drumming is a bit much for me, don’t know what other people think…

This is the lead single:

My fave tracks:


yeah this is rad


The new Kamasi Washington is, as expected, perfect.


Stunning. So good.



don’t drop it, stop it, bebop it


goin to see this lady blow her horn next week at jazz cafe, pretty psyched


Not sure how you all feel about Bill Evans, but I “stumbled across” this earlier today:

Just three elements - piano, bass, and drums - and they’re all mindbending and mindblowing.

The 1:29 moment = joy


one of the best ever


I love Bill Evans. The 2 Paris Concert records were never off my stereo when I was a kid. Not the classic trio but it is just…such stunning playing. Also his record Undercurrents with Jim Hall is absolutely beautiful


Not sure I’ve ever heard anything bad by him. It seems to range from Very Good to Transcendent.


The Paris Concert is unbelievable. It was recorded the year before he died (I think?) and some of understanding between the trio is really just another level.

My only criticism really of Bill Evans is that his sort of romantic modal style has been so badly copied by so many people who just don’t have the talent or understanding to pull it off, but that’s not his problem…he is a phenomenal player.


Yeah, that’s like criticising Pearl Jam for giving us Nickelback!

Not heard the Paris album in question. But I will.


aww maaaaan

just sublime. just floats by on that same guitar phrase, nine minutes of bliss.


New Portico Quartet track on GP’s show just after the 2:30:00 news:

Looking forward to seeing them on Friday and hearing what the new songs are like.


nice, seems to be picking up where the s/t left off. Had that on yesterday actually, lovely album.


Seriously digging the new Kamasi track…Truth story…


Oh flipping eck! I’ve only just got around to listening to this.


Chistian Scott’s Diaspora is available on Bandcamp now, by the way:

I’m really enjoying it.