Rolling jazz chat


just listening to this now. Feels very moody and evening-y. Would be good with some wine I think.


It’s very…slick? I mean it’s definitely got a certain cleanness that means it’s not an out and out knock-out but bits of it lodge in my head.


I guess the hip-hop influence keeps it reasonably controlled, and they often just weave the horns and flute in and out to make nice textures rather than blowing a big tune. A modern update to dinner party jazz (in a good way)


Miles still pushing it on his last album

funny listening to this after calling Christian Scott a modern update…Miles 25 years early to the party


John and Alice exploring the outer reaches. I really like cosmic/spiritual jazz which is like this rather than ever more frantic skronk


mesmerised by this


Anyone picked up the (fairly) recent Sun Ra singles comp? A proper treasure trove.


Also, just listening to the latest Portico Quartet album. Didn’t bother with the Portico album as the couple of tracks I heard didn’t do it for me. They’re back to a quartet with yer hang man back in the fold. Sounding good, somewhere between the debut and s/t.


Intermodulation (the other record he did with Jim Hall) is beauts too. Love how kinda scrappy they both are.


The full EP is out next Friday. Feel a bit sick with excitement.


for some reason (not sure why) I immediately thought of Derek Bailey when I saw the word ‘scrappy’. This is one of my favourite records of all time:

A lot of beauty in there.


this is sooo good.


also did anyone watch the Mingus prom? Still on iPlayer I think. Two hours of big tunes, showcasing the arranging/composing side of his talent. Swings hard cos you can’t not with Mingus.

Great solos from Christian Scott and Shabaka Hutchings plus some entertaining showboating and dancing from a sax guy with pink hair.


Thanks…could be very special …:slight_smile:


this is a great album! There’s a jazz masters compilation on spotify that has some great stuff on as well


Tone doing some bop in his own delicious groovy fashion


Wow - a few listens down the road and I think Harmony is a mini masterpiece - Epic stuff (so to speak)…


I’m with you. It’s unbelievably good. Unless I’m very much mistaken too, it’s the same two-chord sequence throughout, which is staggering.


new Mammal Hands is storming


Should say I bought this 2-track EP in April and I am still regularly playing it and quite sad there aren’t more tracks.