Rolling jazz chat


Props to that man for noticing if that’s the case…and Props to Kamasi for stretching that concept to its joyful conclusion!


Would people be interested in a DiS jazz album club? We have 1 record to listen to per week then we talk about it the following week? I’d love some people to jazz-nerd out with on a regular basis and I’m not doing it enough on here!




Been loving Bill Evans lately. Found this one in the local Oxfam last week. Ace stuff.




I’ve been really enjoying these guys this week. They’re playing in town next Wednesday, but I’m double booked with another gig, which has annoyed me quite a bit.


Sounds good to me


Good idea but I can’t commit to the talking about it bit sadly - life is a bit too hectic at the mo…but the latest jazz album I listened to (apart from the recent Kamasi) and have been really loving is Sonny Rollins - The Bridge…


two bassists makes for a muscular slink


great album man! the recent mono reissues of this and Giant Steps are really worth getting hold of. only about 18 quid a pop too

was considering getting his recent(ish) Atlantic mono boxset, but decided to cherry pick the cream of the titles instead


already got a cd of Giant Steps and not really sure I can bring myself to buy the same record twice. Might look into getting a top quality Ole for Xmas though.

I had a vague notion that maybe I should only listen to jazz for 2018 and see what effect it has on me


If anyone’s looking for a jazz tribute to Dr Dre, this is out today…


Just found out that the entire ECM catalogue has been made available on Spotify. Absolute fucking treasure trove.


Hailu Mergia is so great. Just bought one of his 70s records last week and now he comes out with this tasty slice.


saw these jazzos on Pitchfork today and they are good


In the late 90s I was heavily into the Nu-jazz/broken beat thing…Compost records etc…seems to be quite an overlooked genre in general*…partly perhaps because the music doesn’t exactly reach the heights of the jazz masters…partly perhaps because much of it can be filed under the wine-bar/background/tasteful** but digging through my records there was some interesting stuff around…the Break N Bossa compilations seem an ideal summary of the high points and the early Jazzanova EPS and remixes were great…I think Fedime’s Flight and Introspection are probably my high water marks of the genre…any other fans of this? Now its just an occasional dalliance for me.

*in terms of critical acclaim. I believe Gilles Petersen still occasionally showcases it and I imagine Ross dewbury does

**I dj’ed a set of this stuff with some deep house, afro-beat and latin back in 1999 in a bar in Woking. Went down like a sack of spuds…


So I’ve recently discovered a love of John Coltrane’s music, up to and including A Love Supreme. However, I’ve been a little intimidated by stories from my father in law as to how anything afterwards is atonal and unlistenable. If I were to sample a later period album, which would be the best to go for first? Any pointers appreciated.


@bird @Ruffers @Gert I’ve been dipping in and out of the Mingus back catalogue for the last 6 months. I’m currently listening to Blues & Roots. Stunning stuff.

… Who should I listen to next?


yo badger glad to hear you’ve been on the jazz

maybe some Ellington? Swings hard like Mingus

I was also listening to this classic Herbie album the other day and it’s great

or if you want something a bit weirder, Eric Dolphy is very playful while staying within the post bop wheelhouse. Worked with Mingus sometimes I think.


New cuts from Oscar Jerome: