Rolling jazz chat


This is slightly bizarre but also amazing.


“I wish I could make people hear things the way he makes people see things”. Lovely stuff.



jeeez what a banger


Listened to Dorothy Ashby for the first time this week and I’m a bit hooked. Also came across Ryo Fukui’s Scenery album for the first time today and had a fucking great time with it.




Really liking the new Hailu Mergia album…opener Tizita in particular is transportative stuff


Ta - listening now. Wasn’t sure about the accordion in Tizita at first but really enjoying this.


Been listening to Ornette Coleman live at the Golden Circle loads recently. Such an incredible recording.



Wow how have I missed this thread for the last 3 months! Just read through all the posts and wrote down so much new stuff to listen to and old stuff to re-visit! Fantastic stuff
As far as semi- new artists, any Charlie Hunter fans out there? Me being from the northeast part of the states, he’s very respected in these circles and have always wondered if his music transcended across the pond. Seven string guitarist and with a stellar backing band. For some jazz and reggae influence check out Charlie Hunter’s Quartet’s cover of the Wailers Classic album “Natty Dread”.

Apologies as I have no idea how to post a link to spotify where you can play it in the thread.I tried. If someone could private message me how to do would be great for the future!


New bootleg series, vol. 6 out from Miles Davis, John Coltrane. 4 hours of bliss recorded in France and Stockholm. Love these releases.


I know I hyped the Sons of Kemet only a couple of posts up but the album is a revelation. Trio of tuba, drums and sax with incredible power and still v melodic. Anyone who likes Pete Wareham’s various projects and that kind of punky jazz, it’s taking some of that but developing it in a really meaty direction. The occasional vocals are also really cool and different to any jazz vocals I’ve heard before


I’ve not heard the whole album yet but Josh Idehen is the vocalist on the first track, I had no idea he was on the record and it was a huge/amazing surprise to hear his voice. He’s done a lot of work with LV over the years:


this is rad! Reminds me of that track Four Tet produced for Roots Manuva on his last album.


this whole album and the 38 EP (a concept EP about the 38 night bus) are amazing.

he’s doing some other stuff now as Benin City which I have yet to check out.


@Gert l’m loving this Duke Ellington album.

Judging by this thread I seem to have a jazz binge every 3/4 months. #jazzfix


Cecil Taylor died :pensive:


YES I love it! Feel like it’s a bit more thoughtful and more clarity of purpose than the Pete Wareham stuff, which sometimes feels like a blowing competition or something. This album is special.


Can’t stop coming back to this record


Ok, if you have Spotify on an Android phone/tablet, go to Kamasai Washington’s new track ‘Fists of Fury’, play it and make it full screen, then prepare for some freaky shit (other than just the music, that is)