Rolling jazz chat


I have no idea about times but Africa/ Brass is my favourite Coltrane album.


That whole album is excellent.


Best Artwork Ever?


I love this album!


The album is great.


This comp is the mutts nuts! One of my favourites of year so far.


Yazz Ahmed, Nubya Garcia and many more collaborate on this record.

Do love a good jazz cover of FlyLo.


Loving this at the moment.


mellow and delicious harp and bass duo


this is wild, jazz / space rock from Poland

seems to be loads of great stuff in that bent on Instant Classic.

really love the Zimpel / Ziolek record from last year


anyone talked about the new Portico Quartet? It’s a “leftovers” album from Art in the Age of Automation CALLED Untitled (AITAOA #2).

Out this Fridaym FYI.


Africa/Brass is a bit before 1961. Great album though.


The music after ALS is more challenging but worth giving a go. I’ve got Kulu Se Mama & Meditations and enjoy both.

Ones I’m looking to get at somepoint are - Ascensions which is supposed to be v good but not tried it yet - That one is just one 40min track so maybe one to work towards!
Sunship & interstellar space seem to be well regarded.


Sorry, I didn’t respond to this yet did I? Yep, I’ve got Africa/Brass. Love it.


Cool. Thanks.

I had a quick listen through some of First Meditations, which I think is early versions of what ended up being Meditations. I liked what I heard, but will need to investigate further.


I’m getting mad into this Youssef Kamaal/Kamaal Williams/Black Focus stuff recently, how can I find more of it? The mix of jazz, funk and d’n’b style drumming is the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a long time

Oh! and I’m off to see Kurt Rosenwinkel playing in a wee bar with a capacity of 100 people tonight, pretty excited about that!


cool cats making cool cat music


So last night’s gig was great. It was Rosenwinkel, David Lyttle on drums and Michael Janisch on double bass.

The bar was even smaller than I thought it would be and we managed to grab a table right at the front. To be honest, the first track had me really worried because it sounded like one of those jazz cliches of three guys playing three different tunes at the same time and I just couldn’t get into it, but they quickly found their groove and the rest was superb. They played a great Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Joe Henderson’s Serenity, a Benny Goodman track and a few standards and originals. Some beautiful playing all round, they seemed set to play all night until Rosenwinkel’s amp, which he’d just got back from repair, started playing up. Great night out.


Really love this. I almost prefer it to the album it is the companion to.


I agree b