Rolling jazz chat


Anyone else checked out the ‘lost’ Coltrane album Both Directions at Once yet? It has been on heavy rotation here in recent days. Genuinely brilliant.

The drumming on One Up, One Down :heart_eyes:


missed this! but I fucking LOVE Kurt Rosenwinkel


I’m off to Copenhagen for the weekend - happened to be the same weekend as the Copenhagen jazz festival so I am going to see Phronesis in a church. Can’t bloody wait.


I actually only heard thw track they put out early, but want to dive in soon. Glad it is awesome!


Binker and Moses at the Harrogate Festival Spiegeltent last night. It was a small, seated crowd and they were finished by half nine, but they’re incredible musically.

They seemed to ease into their set and by the second half were more relaxed and chatty with the crowd. First time I’ve seen them, and definitely won’t be the last…


Picked this up on vinyl and it turned up this morning. Been listening to it on Spotify since then. Bit disappointed I didn’t get a gate fold with the other versions of the songs like digital version.


dunno if this is jazz really but it is absolutely great


Just picked up a reissue of this sick live album. Don Cherry playing with the Swedish Bitter Funeral Beer Band. For fans of his Organice Music Society work, deep spiritual vibes with a strong indian and african influence.


oh man this is incredible!


Hey Jazz fans
Danielle Perry is hosting DiS’ show on Soho Radio from 4-6pm and it’s Jazz special. Danielle’s joined by Tom Herbert who’s in various bands, including DiS favourites The Invisible. Expect tunes from Alice Coltrane, Charles Mingus and much more.

Listen online at or via their app or using TuneIn on your connected devices (Sonos, Alexa, etc).


Been really into some Kenny Burrell lately. Smooth smokey bluesy jazz. Smashing record here and my probably his finest work imo.


Liking the new Roller Trio.