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New Mammal Hands EP in case anyone missed it earlier this month (like I did for example).


Ezra Collective are on the 1Xtra playlist! I presume the Jorja Smith feature has something to do with it but that’s pretty big…


saw them Tuesday night - spectacular stuff! Album next year, apparently.


I love the Sons of Kemet album, probably my favourite of any release this year, but otherwise I’ve not heard any of these yet so will be checking some of these out over the next few weeks.


I thought the same when I looked at the list. I’d only listened to the Michael Woollny release apart from Sons of Kemet but will enjoy checking the others out (apart from Brad Mehldau maybe, kinda know what you’re getting with him)



The most exciting scene in the UK right now.


Tony Allen’s jazz record from last year is absolutely great in case anyone missed it


made a playlist of meaty festive jazz


Cheers - have followed :slight_smile:


Currently listening to this absolute gem.


A total classic. I managed to get the t-shirt and record boxset on Record Shop Day last year :slight_smile:


Natalie Weiner is doing a great series of articles looking back to 1959:

It also led me to this Muriel Roberts album from '64 which is such a pretty record


Also Cannonball’s solo on this is pure chef’s kiss.


I try to harvest an interest in jazz every now and then. Never quite fully grabs me but Dizzy Gillespie’s ‘Afro’ album is a favourite jazz discovery so far


Got this off my father in law for Christmas:

Other than his work as a sideman with Coltrane and Mingus, I wasn’t familiar with any of Dolphy’s output. There’s a lot of music to get through here, but what I’ve got my head around so far is great.


I was listening to Gilles Peterson’s Best of 2018 show the other day and he said this had got a load of views of Youtube. I thought it may have one or two million but it’s now got over nineteen million! That’s mental. Such a beautiful song though, easily one of the best of last year.


Anyway, I was thinking of starting a 2019 jazz thread so this one can become a bit more of a classic jazz reverence topic and any new music doesn’t get lost in the swirl. What do people reckon?

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Found a selection of Sun Ra records on bandcamp so gonna start rinsing a few of them at work and seeing what sticks. Listened to the first half of On Jupiter today which was a good start