Rolling jazz chat

I’m at SOK.

Proper rainy afternoon record this ^ !

I’ve already booked a train back to Newcastle that evening but I’m gonna see if I can change it / get a cheap other one cos I would like to see them…

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Really enjoying this album for the same reason - friend put me onto it and been hammering it.

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Ah awesome! Cheers for the link - think if the weathers stays as it has been this past week then this will make an ideal soundtrack.

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Thanks also for this. I heard him on Makaya McCraven’s record last year but didn’t realise he had a solo record out.

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Ah, Spotify put this into the album radio that starting playing after I’d finished listening to KingMaker - didn’t even think to check why. Actively listening now ha. Thanks richie.

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Bloody hell, this album eh. What a line-up.

Yep. I found it when it came out because so many of the artists I liked had appeared on it!

Have you heard this one with Makaya back as featured artist? Probably my favourite jazz record of the year so far.

His EP from last year was pretty good if you need a fix before the new album comes up. There’s also a 5ive EP on Jazz Refreshed that I haven’t checked out. Date at EartH coming up I believe?

Oh yes, Easter is a fabulous EP. Yeah, I’ve been waiting like mad this year for his first full LP. He said last year on the radio that it was due in January, but it got put back to September.

The 5ive EP is pretty good (seems to appear and disappear from Spotify from time to time!)

Also believe he supported Loyle Carner recently - damn good line up that :slight_smile:

Stan the man with a new live album out.