Rolling jazz chat

Anyone seen Jeff Parker play? Would be easy enough to pop round the corner and see him next week if he’s any good live

I saw him tour the last record and he was really great

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Some nice drum & sax, from January

Saw Jaimie Branch the day before everything shut down here last week, in an arts space type thing in Brooklyn. Man I really liked it. Not much more to say as this kind of music is a mystery to me and I find it hard to talk about, but there was just something great about the challenge of the music, and it being in a really nice place. Listening to it reminded me of seeing Tool recently for some reason - I think it’s the thing of not knowing exactly which instrument to listen to at any one time, and that there’s always something to listen to, no-one is eg. playing a standard drumbeat or whatever. Set-up was cello, double bass, drums and trumpet, plus a bit of singing.

I bought Universal Beings by Makaya McCraven after hearing his Gil! Scott! Heron! album (not the actual title…) and it’s really good.

Also second nominations for Moses Boyd.

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this is incredible, really, really good. haven’t been this excited listening to something for the first time for ages:

Only very loosely jazz, but I’m enjoying the new Sam Grendel record. Very much hip-hop influenced in terms of the production, but almost certainly not in the way you’d expect from that description. It’s largely deconstructed and different to other releases at the moment that take influence from both genres.

Certainly worth a listen.

Really enjoyed this record. Slow smokey avant garde jazz with ambient backbeats.


New GoGo Penguin is absolutely blinding though:

This sampler of South African jazz is name your price on Bandcamp now. Almost two hours worth, what I’ve heard so far sounds pretty decent