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I love him - my dad was really into him as a kid and when I inherited his records they were what I gravitated towards.

I wish I’d seen him - my dad saw him a lot and even knew him a bit I think but I never managed to catch him sadly.

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I’m sure most people here are already familiar with this (and I already posted it to a daily thread a few days back), but I don’t care. Easily one of the most uplifting things I’ve ever heard, listened to it multiple times a day since I discovered it, just pure musical joy - and does that catchy hook into crazy solos thing I just mentioned a few posts up.

Really need to search out more of his stuff, one of the RH Factor tracks that @Kallgeese linked to sounded grand, and the album this track comes from was good too. But that 5 minute studio just cannot compare at all to this


Thanks for sharing. I never knew about this project despite being a Bitches Brew era fan.

More fusion but one of the most amazing albums nonetheless from Japanese band Arakawa.

Loving this pair of Mingus’s Bremen concert recordings released last week

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I’ve got so much time for Georgia Anne Muldrow.

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The annual best of from Brownswood Recordings has arrived.

Name your own price. Downloading now…

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