Rolling jazz chat


Love this record so much.


The first two Shining albums are very rock-fusion (after that, they’re very metal.) Sons of Kemet or Acoustic Ladyland might work for you, as might Melt Yourself Down.

I’ll obviously recommended Africa/ Brass (Coltrane) , The Elements (Joe Henderson) and Bitches Brew (Miles) to anyone who’ll listen.


Has anyone heard the new Steve Lehman? Listened for the first time this afternoon - spectacular.


this shit swings HARD


Working with this on in the background today:


Cross-post from the atonal thread. There are some incredibly moments in this record - definitely one I keep coming back to.


can’t stop listenin’ to Monk, maaaaaaaan


look at it, look at it!


you dig? course you do!


article posted yesterday, it’s mainly positive but a bit annoying as it mentions a number of preconceptions and then tries to capture a smallish aspect of a wider scenario and describe it as the next big thing or whatever.

Main highlight for me is that the comments are quite interesting and - shock! - don’t all go bonkers after 2 replies as normally seems to happen.




Really enjoying this. New UK group, think they’re putting out their first album next month, though finding googling a little difficult because of all the window/curtain/blinds sellers.


Put these guys on in the summer - they blew my tiny mind!


this is glorious


love it when a good string arrangement gets involved. There’s a great old Clifford Brown record with a string section - so nice especially at this time of year.


Re-watched the other night and thought worth a share. Not an album/track but documentary (is that allowed?) called Keep On Keepin’ On about Clark Terry and a pianist called Justin Kauflin who’s just released his first album (

Honestly one of the most heart-warming and life-affirming things I’ve watched. S’on Netlfix.


Love this record a lot too.


mega stuff from the band who played on Blackstar. You can hear some of that in it, but this is much jazzier. Gonna go see them 15th November

Anyone going to any other gigs for the EFG London Jazz Fest?


Amazing thread, guys. Lots of rabbit holes to tumble down here.

Let’s talk for a moment about jazz guitar. Specifically, let’s talk about Grant Green:

Very, very chilled. This song’s simultaneously fluid and static. It seems to stay completely still, but it has such an energy to it. It’s magic.


fucking love Grant Green