Rolling jazz chat


ahem! Rolling jazz chat

(hope that works…)

Apart from The Wollny one I mention above I’m mostly still choosing, although I did also get a good seat for a Saturday afternoon Festival Hall orchestral thing with Laura Jurd’s Dinosaur.

I usually go for one or two of the all-afternoon freebie events at the Barbican and South Bank, usually some interesting stuff happens at those. Also think some of the events at iklectik look decent.

I prefer not to commit to too much too far in advance as more shows tend to be announced nearer the time, and the wider circle of Polar Bear/ MYD crew & pals don’t seem to have much going on, which I hope will change.


Ah I even liked your post. Slipped my mind because similarly to you I’m not sure I’m gonna book tons in advance. The free stuff is cool but last year Barbican free stage had quite a chatty audience. Inevitable I guess. Might go to some of the afternoon films though.

Probably gonna book Christian Scott/Mammal Hands on 16th. Also keen on the Mingus tribute night Hogcallin on the 20th. That guy James Blood Ulmer mentioned upthread is on at some point. I’ve got s big shortlist which I need to work through. Also got to consider that most of the gigs are 15-20 quid and I can’t afford that times seven


Absolutely loving these two tracks. Both off two stunning records!


Love GG.

Also a big fan of Kurt Rosenwinkel - for his writing as much as his playing:

and of course Sco!!


Not come across this guy before. Sounds great, will check out some more. Cheers!


This is bloody lovely. Working my way through the album now.


happy Sunday yo


Also on a happy Sunday sharing theme, this is more interesting than I would expected it to be, I hadn’t realised Bandcamp put together this type of list:

Enjoying the Sean Foran album as a mellow but propulsive Sunday listen.


Oscar Peterson at his finest…? With Ed Thigpen and Ray Brown. What a trio. Either way, have a great Monday. :+1:


great great record


Greatest trio ever I reckon.


had a couple of records finally arrive from Music Matters. Lee Morgan Search for the New Land and Thad Jones The Magnificent Thad Jones.

boy oh boy! these records are some next level shit. everything about these MM lp’s are top, top notch.

only had a chance to listen to the Lee Morgan so far. fuuuuuck. so, so good. I’ve got quite a few 50 year old NM first presses which I thought could never be trumped. how wrong I was!

proper product for proper jazz cats

check out the line up on Search:

Lee Morgan
Wayne Shorter
Grant Green
Herbie Hancock
Reginald Workman
Billy Higgins


any serious jazz fans out there, I IMPLORE you to get on board with this. not cheap - I paid £94 for two records, but history is happening right here. blink and you’ll miss it



yayayayaya ya


just in case


Soft Machine are on tour, and they’re playing Derby!

This is excellent news.

Of course, Soft Machine nowadays is one of those “broom with multiple new handles and heads” sort of bands. But still, when it means seeing stuff like this live:

Who cares who’s playing it?


three real sexy new tunes from Christian Scott’s new album. Rhythm section stomps and boogies and does interesting stuff and yer man himself has a great breathy tone.

Taste of this community?

you’d have to be pretty brave and borderline arrogant to name your album Saxaphone Colossus, but in the case of this Rollins masterpiece, it’s completely apt and entirely acceptable

love me some hard bop, baby!


My mate Dan just played these two tracks back to back on his radio show. Fairly wild for this hour of the day.


Hahaha! He’s finishing his show with ‘My Favourite Things’ from Coltrane’s ‘Live At The Village Vanguard Again’ with Alice Coltrane and Pharaoh Sanders. Three tracks for one one hour show!


Having a really lovely time with this album at the moment. Not that I don’t generally have a really lovely time with most Bill Evans. Everybody Digs Bill Evans is one of my favourite albums of all time, but this is a new one for me. Without getting too misty-eyed… his transitions from straight to swing and then back are so effortless that you barely notice. Added bonus of being perfect for this time of year too.