Rolling jazz chat


I saw him at the Barbican a couple of years ago now. He must have been at least 80 years old and was definitely still pretty colossal.


blows my brain how many incredible hard bop albums there are. Just ultimate small group music where every element is absolutely steaming along and mind melded together. Adding Mr Rollins to my list of stuff to dig into soon as possible.




One of my dad's favourite records, that. Drives me halfway crazy in a quite enjoyable way.



one of my absolute favourites. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry is just dripping with feeling


Definitely a slight tangent, but 'absolutely steaming along' made me think of this track of an album that Count Basie recorded with Duke Ellington in the early sixties. Much faster than the original Basie version and when the sax solo hits at 0:35. Oish. Properly kicking.


this is fucking magic, man. nice one


on a Duke tip

Ellington - boom!
Mingus - boom!
Roach - boom!



real intense record, feels like Mingus and Ellington are battling each other


One of my favourite moments in all music is in Moon Dreams by Miles Davis. Really this record should be credited more to Gil Evans. Beautiful arrangements - I'd maybe go as far as to say that he is my favourite arranger of all time. The trumpet line starting at 1.58, then the chords that come tumbling out of it is just something else. This whole record is top.


love, love, love this album, man. defo in bird's top 10 all time jazz. completely agree on the Gil Evans shout. outstanding


this is the first and last time you'll see me refer to myself in the third person, btw


Such a beaut of an album. Absolutely flies by when I'm listening to it, and always in this world of just complete joy. A lot of Miles Davis records are like that for me I think, even though I don't think he's a great trumpeter. It's about the overall ideas he had and the bands he got together, for me...


Well, I must say that the new DiS seems to have brought out a better jazz thread than any of the abortive efforts on the old board. Great stuff! Bit surprised haven't seen any mention of this so far (or maybe I missed it):

Album of the year for me.


Only just discovered this album courtesy of the comments to the Kendrick Lamar/Kamasai Washington Guardian article mentioned above. It's a beauty!


Ha glad someone bothered to click the link then! I haven't listened to that album though, but will do


Listening to this record Fellini Jazz by Kenny Wheeler/Enrico Pieranunzi (w/ charlie haden and paul motian playing too), this track in particular's really beautiful. It all is actually, heartily recommend.


ladies and gentlement the soaring hammond organ of Jimmy Smith


....and the ripping hammond of Dr Lonnie Smith (and Peter Bernstein on guitar - niiiiiiiice).

Saw this trio at Umbria jazz festival a few years back - they were playing every night of the week, so I went back and watched them every night of the week. awesome.