Rolling jazz in 2021

It’s time for more JAZZ CHAT. What does your jazz 2021 look like?

Spent a lot of time over Christmas listening to this Don Braden Septet record. Not new (think it’s from the '90s) but the arrangements are fantastic and the playing is sweet.

Scott Wendholt in particular stands out on this for me - such nice clarity and articulation.

I’ve also been transcribing some of Ray Brown’s playing from the classic Oscar Peterson trio recordings. He is such a ridiculous bassist.

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Stumbled across this gem, with John Surman. Has a bit of everything big band (sounds like there are 100 people playing at once in parts), funky guitar grooves, masterful sax playing by Surman.

Saw that Angel Bat Dawid is on oxygen with covid, really really really hope she gets better ASAP

Ohhhh fuck I didn’t realise. Awful news.

Haven’t been able to find this news (or updates) anywhere online, where did you see this and do you know if any updates? I’ve seen her twitter feed has retweeted something unrelated on Jan 12th, hopefully a sign she is on the mend?

My first gem discovered this year is this 1981 album from Chick Corea, with Michael Brecker on sax, Steve Gadd on drums and Edie Gomez on bass. Been making playlists of acclaimed music I’ve missed from the years before my birth and this is one of the standouts so far.

The updates have been on her Instagram page, @angeltheoracle

Thankfully she’s been discharged :+1: