Rolling jazz in 2021

Really loving this. Could be my favourite album this year. Had a look and it appears international anthem have released a lot music I love just had no idea it was on the same label.

International Anthem is definitely my favourite label. I don’t think they’ve put out something I haven’t liked yet.

This is gonna be great


This too!

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Looking forward to this one. Think Anteloper are potentially playing Cafe Oto in September too.

Am waiting for the latest Damon Locks album to drop through the letterbox. What I’ve heard sounds good!

I saw on Twitter that she’s doing a short set in some tiny place round the corner from me to launch this, followed by the film. Saw her the evening before lockdown so would be a nice way to bookend this thing.

Sort of surprising this exists and wouldn’t be too surprised if it gets nixed. But would be class to see, it’s been a while.

I’m digging this album of spacey experimental jazz from Rob Frye of the Bitchin’ Bajas. Feel like I’m on a desert planet in the grooviest lost episode of the original Star Trek series.


A bit underwhellmed by the new Sons of Kemet. Anyone else feeling the same? Seems all a bit by-the-numbers to me. Hoping it improves with a couple more listens.


Yeah same - what I’ve heard feels very samey and I can’t really be bothered.

yeah, I’m not that impressed at all

It’s not as good as the previous album (10/10), but I did enjoy it, more so on my most recent listen. It’s a 7 or 8 I think so far.

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I think it’s a very good album. Definitely deserving the praise it’s getting IMO.

Still too early to say whether it’s better than their last one yet.

I’ve only listened once but it does feel a bit (underwhelming?)

I love it… it’s not queen is a reptile good I guess, but still great

Really loving the Ian Carr live session on jazz in Britain that came out this week

Really looking forward to this, his last two full lengths were superb.

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Looooove his drumming

Beg to differ here, I think it’s got a lot more variety than Your Queen is a Reptile and really like it.

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This RRRRRRRIPS. Fucking loved it.