Rolling list of 5's, 6's, 7's, 11-a-side, kickabouts, s.p.o.t, keepy-ups and other assorted football related stuff you've been involved in

so yeah, talk about footie games you’ve took part in recently. friendly, competitive…whatever

personal perfomances, great goals, amazing skillz, idiots getting continuously nutmegged, weird injuries…WHATEVER

played some 7-a-side last night. first time in aaaaaages. was rusty as fuck, I can tell ya. there was a chap on our side who had a load of mad skillz, but was a) greedy as fuck b) slowed the game right down, just to prove how good he was at holding onto the ball and c) spent the whole game telling everyone what they were doing wrong.

got about 5 minutes into the game before I pulled him up on this. told him he was crushing the fun out of the game and needed to reconsider another pastime if he carried on this nonsense. he did lay off a bit, but was still a terrible nag.

anyway, we ended up winning 3-1. I scored the third, wrong-footing the keeper with the eyes. got a lot of credit for this, but between me and you, I mishit the ball! fuck it, I lapped it up

my right foot got stood on twice in 5 minutes. studs onto toes in cold weather = fucking pain. called some guy a cunt for this, where truth be told, I was just too quick-witted for him.

there was a few arguments - mostly from people being pissed off with the chap mentioned above. fucking tiresome cunt.

nice game to partake in, other than the nonsense from cunt face. died after 45 mins, (60 min game) having not kicked a ball in 4 weeks.

so yeah, stuff like that

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Across my Monday 5s, Tuesday 6s & Sunday 11-a-side team, I’d gone 12 without a win until last night, bagged a hat-trick and accidentally concussed the keeper


Since moving I’ve just been paying a kickabout on a saturday morning in manchester and it’s a decent standard. Most of the ladz play sundays in manchester leagues and there are some very decent players. It’s organised on facebook with people who’ve played the previous week guaranteed a spot, and then other people do first come first served ‘dibs’ to fill any spaces.

Surprisingly a few of them are mormans (great bunch o’lads) and they can ball. Probably my ignorance to think that mormans can’t/aren’t allowed to play football.

Been good to play some footy but would rather play mid-week to free up my weekend (if anyone is in the wigan/warrington area give me a shout). not going to get back into 11-a-side unless I can be tempted in a few years with vets. More likely i’ll get into youth coaching stuff.

urgh can’t edit - it’s a 7 a side kickabout for an hr.

Made my second appearance for the newly reformed FC To Madeira on Sunday and they won their second game since reforming (I also played in their only other win making me something of a lucky omen).

Solid first half, held it down in DM just sitting, blocking off passes, forcing them wide etc, we were 2-0 up at HT. Subbed off for 15 or so, other team started the second half well and pulled it back to 2-2 (they scored their first direct from a corner after I insisted the GK put a man on both posts and he said he didn’t need it, infuriating). We showed superb #character to hold out when they had the momentum then won a pen on the break and got a fourth on the counter as they chased a late equaliser. Great game, great win.

got put through one-on-one, keeper made a decent low save but it looped up outside of the D, so I tried to cream it in on the volley. Caught it sweet but just as the keeper was getting up, smashed him straight in the face. felt pretty bad tbh, especially on a cold night like that, lad didn’t look in a good way. Scored from the resulting corner

man, I fucking hate 11-a-side*. shit pitches, hungover animals, smoking at half time. cloggers rule.

*unless it’s on the old astro

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All of this is true, but scoring a goal/winning a game at 11-a-side is so much sweeter than any other type of football

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that is true but it is a lot of aggro and takes a huge up a lot of the week. shite pitches and dickheads offset the fact that playing a great 11-a-side game is really good fun. jealous of the DiS FC London setup, would love to do that kind of thing up here, semi-casual 3G 11-a-side. Sort out another Sheff international!

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Agree it’s miles better on 3G innit. Can’t stand 5s or 7s though, my positional sense goes completely out the window, never have a fucking clue where I’m supposed to be at any given moment, can’t seem to mark a man, absolutely infuriating innit.

Going back to Kent next Saturday for a kickaround with my old school mates on the rec near our old school, it was the scene of a now legendary lunchtime match back in the day that was 0-0 for 3 hours and we just kept playing till a winner was found, all missed our buses home and the afternoon’s lessons and that. Great stuff. Hoping for a repeat on Saturday.


last time i played was about 5 months ago, and hadn’t played for about 5 months before that. nearly puked after about 20 minutes with exhaustion. was wholly inneffective and been too embarrassed to go back before I get round to improving my fitness.

@aboynamedgoo get your boys up for another pasting in summer 2017?

the difference between 3G, decent grass, and shite is huge. We play home games at castle dyke (just off Ringinglow road). It’s on a hill and when the wind and rain kicks up it’s pretty much unplayable. Still kinda love it though

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not sure i played up there. our old home ground was the helipad in Shirecliffe, a bit slopey, covered in dog shit and really exposed. Back in the day I played on some decent pitches (and played at Carrow Road) and agree, a quality grass pitch is a really good experience.

Think the DiS FC lads are running scared tbh.

Alan Smith mate, gone from being a striker who doesn’t score to a defensive midfielder who can’t tackle innit.

used to play Sunday League from 10 - 16. Right back. Scored twice in those years, one was in my last season when the keeper saved a shot, it hit me in the shin and went in. Cup final that too

Once beat a team 31-1. I played 70 minutes, didnt score. Keeper scored twice

not played in over a year :frowning:

although when i went to the sellick city game a few weeks ago i got a size 4 ball as i left and i have been doing keepy uppies in the flat :slight_smile:

we would fall out extremely quickly on a 5’s pitch


are you familiar with justplay? just pump in your post code and get a list of games every day in your area. friendly shit and heavily subsidised. usually pay 2 quid for an hr, which is sweet as