Rolling list of 5's, 6's, 7's, 11-a-side, kickabouts, s.p.o.t, keepy-ups and other assorted football related stuff you've been involved in

got a fives game i organise on a tuesday night up at firhill if yr interested pal?

Are we allowed to talk about non-football 11 aside sports in this thread?

I’ll check it out, cheers man

Don’t doubt it mate, I avoid it like the plague these days

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howdy fitz, thanks for the offer. I might actually take you up on that sometime. i’m gonna head down to the gym at the bottom of my road tonight (probably) to sound em out about a free trial to see what i think.
i think if i played 5s now there’d be a decent chance of me collapsing, i am at the unfittest i’ve ever been

it’s a weird one though eh? like it seems like such a simple concept but i find if i’ve played 11’s the week before it takes me a good 5/10mins of a 5’s game to get back into that mindset of tracking one man everywhere he goes

Played my best 6s game in ages last night, possibly best ever actually. This performance had everything, tackles, ints, assists and two goals. 9.5/10.

Think I enjoyed it so much because people run more in my (primary) Thursday game, whereas people are a bit slacker on Mondays. And you just can’t give the colonel that much space*.

*I’m really shit normally

nae bother man, just gies a shout if yr keen, half 7 every Tuesday, standard and fitness levels aren’t anything to worry about


It’s just what you’re used to isn’t it. I can do 5s/6s/7s but I’ve only played a few 11s games in my life and I feel completely lost at sea with all the space.

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Aye, I mean I’m far from being good at 11s but I at least have a grasp on what I’m supposed to be doing even if I don’t have the ability to actually do it. As soon as I’m on a pitch for 5s or 7s I’m totally fucking lost, it really shouldn’t be as different a skillset as it is.

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cheers man

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do you enjoy going in goal?[poll public=true]

  • I’m a keeper, course I do!
  • I enjoy it and am happy as a pig in shit between the sticks
  • usually go in 3rd or 4th, happy to take a turn
  • reluctantly, I’ll give it a blast, but don’t expect me to use anything other than my feet to make saves
  • fucking hate it - I’m the guy always tying his laces and facing the other way when it’s time to pick the next keeper
  • afraid of the ball smashing my face off. not for me

don’t mind if someone gives me a good pair of goalie gloves

hello is this an open offer? (pending fitness as above) I’d love to play 5s there it’s much closer than the other game i’m in on.

never done it in 11 a side, likely to be a horror show unless I had a brilliantly organised pair of CBs in front of me.

actually pretty good in goal in 5s tho, I feel like all you have to do is put in some proper effort and show some bravery and you’ll be better than most out-fielders taking a turn on the day.

rb (Rob Jones)

Definitely not

sorry mate no van drivers allowed i’m afraid

Ruud Van Driver

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i could (almost) literally park the bus