Rolling list of annoying questions people ask you


say you haven’t seen a friend for a while and you have a beard…and they say ‘oh, are you growing a beard?’ one of life’s unanswerable questions that

stuff like that


Stranger: how tall are you?
Me: …


When a great-Aunt or whatever asks “When are you gonna have your growth spurt then?” when you’re a short 14 year old or whatever.


When do you reckon it will be though?




“Do you have a Nectar card?”

Probably, but I’m buying snack food and I’d rather just pay for my multipack of Snickers and bugger off back to work.


fucking hate that one. thing is…it will always be asked! should be ‘what don’t you do?’


Is she a good baby?


Are your eyelashes real?
Are you nails real?


I’ve had the beard one. It makes me worry that I’m not putting enough effort into keeping it trim.


this seems…valid?


I get these a lot as well


Why don’t you eat meat?


with this emphasis:

“how tall are you?”


if I haven’t seen a friend for a while I get all defensive and say something like ‘look pal, I had a fucking beard in 2011, way before these hipster cunts’

beard madness


Not really?


well, some nails are fake. maybe I’m missing the point here. is it a question of rudeness?


can i get a payrise?


How do you pronounce ‘chorizo’?


Yeah, I wouldn’t really see it as any of my business. Also, there’s a bit of a class / snobbery thing going on there (not necessarily implied by you, but in general)