Rolling list of people/things being in adverts that makes you sad

Muppets/Barclaycard :frowning:


Can’t see those Harvey Keitel Directline adverts without a gentle pang of sadness.


Not seen the Oak Furniture World lads or the Richmond Sausage boys for a long time and that makes me sad.

All the Hanna-Barbera cartoons in those Halifax ads.


Muppets in Warburtons was bad enough.

Cover all mention for all Halifax adverts. The way that cunt pronounces ‘contactless’ in the Ghostbusters one really grinds my gears. Also, they’re bragging about contactless in 2019 like twats.


Every Halifax advert since Howard has been awful. That Ghostbusters one at the moment is so unbelievably shit (not quite as shit as the radio station one though).


Harry redknapp advertised the wii or did I imagine that, was it just Jamie?

They’re conTACTless!


It was the whole stinking lot of those miserable bastards.

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Is gio compario still the highest paid opera singer in the UK? :laughing:

paul potts mate

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Feels like there are certain channels where them and Foxy Bingo are the only people paying for the time as well.

The worst was that Amazon xmas ad with “can you feel it” on it.

The GF loves to watch shit on channels like Five USA and CBS Justice while she’s working in the evening and one ad break had the amazon one in it three times.

Or if you watch a series on 4OD and you have to see Van Damme Van Damming sixty six times an hour.

4OD keep doing that ‘pick your own advert’. The other day I had to pick between three different Jamie Oliver/Patak’s crossovers. I don’t give a fuck lads, just play one.

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Oooh not watched anything for a while. This is not tempting me back. Although I only want to watch Van Damme.

Also, what gives with NOWTV playing trailers at the start of their programmes, Prime sometimes do. Shove it, pricks!

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I haven’t come across that NowTV trailer business before. How’re you accessing your True Detective? Apple TV for me Clive.

Through me Samsung telly.

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Iggy advertising car insurance. Still don’t like thinking about it really.

Kevin Bacon in those EE ads

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