Rolling list of people who've blocked you on twitter


Oh, you as well, huh?

Some blogger in my profession who’s a daft sexist. He blocked me for calling him out on being a daft sexist. Standard.

I’m also blocked by Chris Froome. Think I said something about preferring Wiggins, it was really innocuous!

Is there any way to see a list of who has blocked you?

I don’t think I’ve been blocked, but then my account is private anyway.

How can you be blocked from reading someone’s tweets? Thought you couuld read anything without having a twitter account. Isn’t that the point?

One person i know of, that i didn’t follow and that i’ve had absolutely no interactions with, and isn’t in anyway famous. Those are the baffling ones.

Andrew Collins blocked me when I made a comment about Richard Herring bumming him (it was a running joke that Herring would make but he didn’t like it when a random made the same joke)


yeah ive got one of them. really odd

:soccer: AFC Stoneham. Dunno why, few mates play for 'em.

:biking_man: Nathan Draper (Team Wiggins). Dunno why either.