ROLLING list of things you've eaten Wednesday 5th October 2016



just add stuff, once you’ve eaten…stuff

bowl of porridge with some assorted seeds


Also a bowl of porridge but with honey and not some assorted seeds


oooh shit. I had honey too.


3 x pancakes and syrup


bowl of porridge with one pear chopped up and mixed in, and a spoonful of brown sugar on the top

(also has 1 x tea and 1 x coffee)


Bowl of golden syrup flavour porridge, feat. almond milk.


scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, avacado and toast


2 slices of toast with marmite.
2 lotus biscuits

  • Four spoonfuls of Greek yoghurt before leaving the house.

  • Toasted egg sandwich on arrival at work.


Sultana flapjack


3 reese’s butter cups



Breakfast is for wimps.


boy oh boy! up until this point, I’ve clung on to every word you’ve uttered on this forum. and the one before. you’ve been a hero to me, an inspiration, the man who get EVERYTHING right.

and now this


What the fuck is a toasted egg sandwich? Raw egg between two pieces of bread and then into a press?


No, it’s a fried egg sandwich where the bread has been toasted. Didn’t realise I had invented this until now :open_mouth::bread::egg:


3 x clotted cream shortbread biscuits
1 x M&S dark chocolate digestive


4 x seeded bread slices, toasted and buttered


Nothing yet.


bowl of shreddies


Super Seeds Hazlenut Cocoa Bar