Rolling list of wetherspoons meal that are either shit, not too bad, or great


had a veggie sausage, mash and peas combo dish earlier. £5.99. no drink came with it though.

snags (3) were decent, like really flavoursome and meaty in texture. mash was poor. it appeared to be square shaped? weird. peas were peas.

overall score - not too bad


Mixed grill - pretty great

Ultimate burger - pretty shit


Sorry, I didn’t vote for brexit


please drill down a bit into specifics of each dish, if you don’t mind.

also, please only use shit, not too bad or great, if you don’t mind


Actual answer: haven’t eaten in a Wetherspoons in 2016 so this information might be out of date but:

Full english - bad
Burger & chips - ok
Curry - fine

These are the only things I can remember eating in a spoons


I still go to Wetherspoons post brexit. Afterall its not just the owner, but other peoples jobs.

They’ve introduced a Lamb Shank now which was pretty decent.


corrected, sorry silks


good thread silks. should weed out all the tories on the boards.


Mixed grill - The meat is surprisingly tasty, snags are a bit misery, but the bits of steak and lamb (fairly indistinguishable) are tasty in an overly-charred way, chips are standard, could do without the peas to be honest (sure they used to offer salad instead). - Not too bad

Ultimate burger - They’ve tried to gussy up their previous burger efforts with a go at being more American or something, it has pickles and stuff, should work, but the attempt just flags up its limitations, stick to the other burgers - shit.


Their breakfasts used to be a pretty good shout. Had one recently though and it was awful.

Burgers are usually reasonably decent for the price, not had one for at least a year though.


Haven’t been in one for about six months.

So, dunno.


Not been for a while but veggie Sunday Roast was good for price

Super food salad, disappointing. Greasy and bit limp and sad. Not sure why I expected more than

Cheese toasties go down well with the kids


Its all microwaved