Rolling Motorsport Thread 2023 (F1 etc.) 🏁 🏎 🏍

At the other end of the grid, nice to see that Williams might not be the slowest on the grid this year. (No malice towards Alpha Tauri, but I’ve got a soft spot for Williams having started watching in the mid 90s Rothmans era)

Really interesting thing about the Aston is no-one’s pointing to any one thing that’s allowed them to jump up the grid this year - usually by this point people are starting to talk about where they’ve found their pace, but all anyone can suggest is they’re getting the basics right at the moment.

It’ll be all under the car if it’s anything beyond the engine. Don’t think we’ll get a view on that until maybe the end of the weekend.


The way Drive to Survive setup Alpine’s contract failures last summer is absolutely brutal. Otmar looks like an utter fool.

Was wondering if I would be able to put up with the Channel 4 coverage instead of subscribing again, but Now TV is currently 40% off at £21 a month, so that’s me sucked back in to endless F1 TV coverage again.

He was certainly made to look a fool by the failings of others. I can only assume that there have been significant changes in the Alpine legal and HR departments since.

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I think I remember hearing that last summer their legal department was one person - which seems mad for a company that turns over £200m a year.

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5 different teams in the bottom 5 after q1. Grid looks to have really tightened up

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Max pulling out a 1.1 second lead at the front on lap 1 is it

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An Unlucky Alf-esque performance from Esteban Ocon.


Penny for Otmar Szafnauer’s thoughts watching Alonso tearing it up.

Would love a safety car now for Alonso to be right up behind Verstappen and Perez just before the end…

can’t help but always think of this when someone drives for Aston Martin

Had no idea the Penske family owned SXSW. From the Union of Musicians & Allied Workers (who aren’t exactly fans):

Button is going NASCAR racing in Texas, Chicago and Indianapolis.
Following the announcement that he is going to be one of the drivers in the ‘Garage 56’ car at Le Mans this year this isn’t all the surprising. I do like it when drivers step out of their comfort zone and try things outside of the series in which they made their name.

Button to make NASCAR debut at COTA | RACER

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2023 Bahrain GP was the first opening race without a Ferrari or Mercedes on the podium since 2012

Pretty mad

Fingers crossed that this race is as entertaining as that national anthem just now!

dangerous as fuck innit

but always good to have lots of different cars up top, even if not on pure pace

that Aston is pretty much out of the way already, why do they need a full safety car?

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just the 2 seconds a lap advantage for Red Bull in race conditions then

Got the look of one of those total walkover seasons. Tedious.