Rolling Motorsport Thread 2023 (F1 etc.) 🏁 🏎 🏍

Yeah, I kind of miss those sorts of things happening. Used to get a load of engine failures too, seeing the telltale puff of smoke and then two laps later it destroys itself on the straight. Plus things like getting stuck in 5th gear and still dragging it to the podium, or three quarters of the field going out so Derek Warwick in an Arrows is three laps down but inexplicably in the points.

Bring back unreliability I say.


Monaco 1996 is my personal favourite one of these - only 3 cars taking the chequered flag and a first win in 15 years for Ligier :heart:


What an absolute Helmut.

god I really hope the next race involves Max spinning off to finish 4th while Perez wins

imagine the radio message after that

“not bad for a South American number 2 driver”

Woah that stroll onboard. :grimacing::grimacing:

Glad he’s ok

Yeah, I already thought he was pushing it a bit much as I imagine he must feel under pressure. Found the sight of the car afterwards more shocking than the onboard.

Felt like it was a bit strange that it went to yellow flag for a few seconds first. Would have thought it would have been red straight away, unless they can’t red flag that quickly.

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He was ragged through that whole sequence of corners. And yeah the onboard made it look tamer than it was

Verstappen was potentially quite lucky, with all of those drivers jumping up the positions to the top. I guess it would have depended on how close he was to the car in front when trying that final lap.

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Yes lawson!!!

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Haha, amazing!

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Was expecting there to be a few people improving at the end and bumping Verstappen down, but then it was only just that Lawson made it through.

Perez must surely be annoyed also, with his usual good performance in city races. (Well, his beeping radio definitely just gave that impression!)

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Not that I’ve seen anything, but I’d assume a yellow is more or less an automatic reaction to virtually any off and can be triggered multiple people, while a red requires a little thought and can only be triggered by the race director.

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Just seen this lot of fluid pouring out of that car. Also didn’t seem like that fast a crash.

just skipped through quali on catchup


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Jeez, I almost want Verstappen to start overtaking cars just to make this race a bit more exciting.

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Safety car and then some rain could be fun

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Good Ferrari strategy by Charles there :joy:

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Just seeing the Flying Tosser get overtaken so effortlessly has made this worth watching

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Really hope Lawson’s able to get a point from this race.

Hammer time