Rolling Motorsport Thread 2023 (F1 etc.) 🏁 🏎 🏍

Race got perfect. Any of four drivers can win with 3 laps to go

No way!

That was a brilliant ending. Worth the boring first 20 laps

Fantastic from Sainz

Lol at Russell

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George :joy::tired_face:

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Sainz keeping Lando within DRS was brilliant

Sainz on the radio :joy:

The fact the ferrari pit wall didn’t even realise what sainz ws doing, let alone tell him to says so much


Excellent fun. More than made up the rest of the race. Would have liked a sneaky Norris win, but all good.

And well done for Lawson too, with P9. I wonder if Perez will get a penalty for whatever happened with Albon, and Lawson ends up in P8, equal (?) points with Tsunoda. He’s got more points than Ricciardo already anyhow…

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Good fun that. Also enjoyed on Notebook Ted saying after seeing the guy from okx having his picture taken with Lando “Has he still got some money left no wonder he hasn’t got okx on his shirt” was lovely stuff.

Singapore GP - That was a lot of fun.

Nice to see Max hasn’t changed over the last couple of years. Despite all the fawning over how much he’s matured over the last couple of years - hello channel 4 I’m looking at you. Put him under pressure and he’s a petulant, arrogant brat. No doubt if he were in a close championship fight he’d revert to his old running people off the road tactics once more.

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What is the point of putting Ricciardo back in the Alpha Tauri now?
A few races ago it made some sense. No one else was available and it also looked like the big RB was going to be needing a new driver in 2024. Ricciardo was their safest / best bet. Now that it looks like big RB are not going to be needing a new driver until 2025 surely it makes more sense to give Lawson a run in AT at least until the end of this season.

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Yeah, it would seem the best bet for them points wise surely. Unless it would be expensive to pay Daniel off for the rest of the year / they lose money from whatever merchandising/Netflix fame type money there could be from keeping him on?

even if Danny Ricc gets them more points this year, if they piss Lawson off the long term damage might be significant (see what happened with Piastri) if he leaves the RB youth program and later turns out to be world class, whereas Danny Ricc seems highly unlikely to get a top seat again

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Oh dear. Think that’s Lawson loan deal to Williams confirmed :joy:

Can only hope so!

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Japanese fans wearing full red bull kit and gaming headsets so they look like they’re on the pit wall :joy:


if only there was something that could get the sun out of your eyes mate


Aren’t they banned from wearing sunglasses during media now?

I think wiggo means his hat :smiley:


standings if no Red Bull, imagine how great this would be