Rolling Motorsport Thread 2023 (F1 etc.) 🏁 🏎 🏍

Oh yeah!

i’d actually watch this, rather than catch up via highlights or analysis after the races

a very good illustration of Lewis’ consistency this season

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That would be great fun particularly given how up and down the Merc and Aston car performance has been over the latter part of the season. You can easily see Fernando and Lewis having a titanic battle somewhere in the lower part of the top 10 to decide the championship in less than perfect cars whilst at the front Ferrari and McLaren resume their late '90’s early 00’s war.

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10 podiums for Lewis, 4 for George - I ha no idea it was like that

Stroll in 8th tho, yikes

Wild that Stroll has a seat and Lawson currently doesn’t

Ah, the fly aways :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Marc Marquez on a Ducati next year is going to be so strange after 11 years at Repsol Honda. What a championship battle it will be though!

Lance stroll. What a prick

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Evergreen post


What’s he done

A pissy interview with sky and pushed his trainer.

Ooh sky have put them together.

Don’t understand the shootout qualifying for the Sprint races…

To me, a ‘shootout’ implies they all get one crack at a lap and that’s it. Fuck it up and it’s too bad.

But… it just seems to be like normal qualifying (but slightly shorter) - am I missing something?

Good sprint that

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No, they just called it a sprint shootout so you don’t get confused that it’s qualifying for the main race. Wish they did something to mix it up.

Championship decided by Perez failing to finish, in a race that isn’t even a proper race, 6 races before the end of the season, in Qatar. A uniquely forgettable moment to sum up this forgettable season.

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Albon finishing 8th and in the points after starting 17th is very very good

delighted for Piastri too, but Lando must feel it could’ve been him

Penny for the thoughts of Otmar Szafnauer.

Ooft Mercedes…


Russell seems like a massive arsehole