Rolling Motorsport Thread 2023 (F1 etc.) 🏁 🏎 🏍

I’m predicting that they won’t win every race, but it seems obvious that they will win every race that doesn’t have something ridiculous happen. But with 23 races in total, that’s 23 chances for both drivers to get taken out. Would Max still have got 2nd if there’d been no safety cars?

Those cost cap breach penalties really had teeth, didn’t they?

Ffs this season is fucking trashed

So Alonso gets his P3 back. I swear they try to organise the rules to avoid these situations but always make it worse. Absolute joke

I’m a decades long fan, and I get that there’s way more to the F1 story than the start to finish of the laps being completed on track, but fuxsake, the is-it-isn’t-it-wasn’t-it-should-it-be-a-penalty-what-are-the-actual-rules-and-why-did-race-control-do-that thing that seems to crop almost every race now is getting to be a distraction and a detraction. Whoever’s running the nitty gritty of the sport has lost the plot. The 2021 finale is an obvious recent farce to point to, but it’s seemingly standard now that the podium celebration and the apparent final standings can’t be taken as anything more than just provisional placeholders to be rectified in the hours and days after the chequered flag.

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Hope Chain Bear is ok. Not posted or tweeted for a couple of months

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Has been a trend, particularly in single-seaters, for the last few years. If you’re only able to follow a series by catching up with a highlights package posted two or three hours after the race, then most of the results of those are out of date by the time the HD is being rendered on them.

The FIA Presi Mohammed Ben Sulayems reforms of race control aren’t going too well are they.


You’ve probably seen this by now, but the FIA said they couldn’t tell initially exactly where it was from their cameras & data - better safe than sorry.

absolutely no issues with full safety car on that circuit, it’s a fucking deathtrap

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I checked on this the other day - apparently he told his Patreon he was deliberately taking a break back in January… hopefully just needed longer than he thought for himself and not ready for the whole public persona thing again.


I mean, fine as the reason to be cautious with safety but more generally, what are they doing if they don’t have enough cameras to see everywhere a car could be?

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MotoGP starts this week :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Based on the end of last year and winter testing it’s hard to see past Bagnaia for the championship but there should still be plenty of competition for race wins from the other Ducatis, Aprillia and hopefully Quatararo. The Hondas and KTMs might be able to compete at favourable tracks/conditions but hard to see them having any kind of consistency with podiums.

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Having a round take place in Kazakhstan in July is…bold.

Pretty sure neither Kazakhstan or India will happen.

This is where I wonder sometimes if they just make things more complicated than they need to be. Surely this is why you have trackside marshalls. Which race last year was it where we ended up with an argument because a marshall displayed a yellow flag but it wasn’t on the whizzo electronic system controlled by race control?

Any idea what the track surface is like in India?
From what I recall it wasn’t fairing too great when F1 upped sticks never to return due to unpaid bills and tax disputes.

Formula One still seeking £41m in fees for Indian Grand Prix (

That was 10 years ago and the track was only 3 years old at that point.

Not great, and not likely to be rectified. It’s a bit embarrassing that MotoGP keeps signing deals that fall through tbh. Although I think a lot of people expected Indonesia to be put back and that actually (just about) worked.

I remember some of the F1 circus were really unimpressed with how the visa/travel/cargo requirements were handled as well - to the extent it allegedly took some as long to sort out their logistics for India as it did the rest of the calendar at the time.

And if anyone has BT Sport (or non-UK equivalent) and fancies getting into MotoGP this thread might help you choose someone to support.

Admire the restraint in not putting ‘married his stepsister’ for Oliveira :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Enjoyed the Guardian creating a new verb in this piece