Rolling Motorsport Thread 2023 (F1 etc.) 🏁 🏎 🏍

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£780,000! That’s a fine you can look up to. Don’t suppose he’ll actually pay that, but even so, sends quite a message.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


Marc Marquez getting pole is kind of hilarious. Can’t see him getting on the podium in either the sprint or main race though, the pace is so far behind.

Will be interesting (terrifying) to watch the first sprint race this afternoon. No idea how Miller is doing what he’s doing on the KTM.

Glad that Pol’s injuries aren’t thought to be too severe, but pretty horrible to have such a serious crash before we even get to the first race.

what do you think about the introduction of the sprint races?

Not convinced personally, mostly because it means that injuries are going to be a huge factor. It’s accepted as the norm in superbikes now I suppose. I’m keeping a fairly open mind anyhow, will be interesting to see how the results vary.

not quite following you here

as in, sprint races = getting injuries?

Presumably you’re more likely to get injured in a race than a practice or quali session and they’re now effectively doing 1.5 races each weekend. And if you do get injured you’re now putting 37 points at risk each weekend you miss / underperform instead of just 25 - your rivals will outscore you faster than before.


More that if you get an injury in the course of a weekend it’s taking you out of two races rather than one. But as evidenced by the sprint race today, crashes and injuries probably are more likely because there’s no tyre management involved. It’s entertaining, but given it’s already the longest ever season I can see it looking rough in a few months.


Ooft, bad luck for George now!

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He took the news really well to be fair. Gutted for him

Gutted for Alex too

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Yep. And his luck has got even worse now. At least he wasn’t still in first at the time I guess.

Wow. Here we go!


Yep, it’s been pretty dull for the last while, so glad we’ve got a bit of a chance of some action!

Welp. Was just about to post about Gasly having a great day.

Ooft. Shame we don’t have an extra lap for one extra start!

Now just have to wait and see when they apply the points from.

Poor Otmar

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I’m sure it’ll do wonders for Gasly and Ocon’s relationship!

Nice for Sky to state the F1 replay is on, only for it to be discussing race results. Guess that’s 2 hours back.

There are some highly grim places to find yourself on the internet, but few quite as bad as the comments section under a BBC F1 article.