Rolling MTftSB: hot weather tunes





Hail to the Thief is basically the soundtrack to having a fever in a 100+ degree apartment that smells like trash.



Basically all Kyuss but especially Blues for the Red Sun



Basically anything by the Afghan Whigs off of Up In It, Congregation, or Black Love


I think more people would like Everclear if they listened to them when it’s 90+ degrees out.






basically the sound of being in a park on a hot day with ya m98s, a couple of bevs deep and feeling like the world is actually alright and that the afternoon has limitless possibilities


I’ve always thought of Trouble Will Find Me as The National’s hot weather album.



Forgot the most obvious one and possibly the ultimate “let’s go running in 100 degree weather because I’m an idiot” song.


all of these are incorrect answers the answer is listen to ramble tamble on repeat

will also allow the meters


obv my picks were great tho


The Terror by the Flaming Lips is a completely different album when it’s 100+ degrees and humid outside. Also when you’re in a feces coated midwest animal shelter on a day like that and the unqualified staff is putting your favorite dog to sleep because they don’t understand basic dog behavior and don’t really like dogs in the first place. Transcendent in those conditions.