Rolling NFL Thread

Thursday start of the thread because IT’S BEARS-PACKERS (@Aggpass)

Other than I’m pretty sure it’ll be a packers win, I’ve got no idea what kind of game to expect. If Daniels sits and Sitton plays, the bears run game could be fantastic, but then you can overload the box to a ridiculous degree due to Glennon related restrictions. Similarly, if Bakhtiari and Bulaga sit, Rodgers could be facing an awful lot of pressure all game… but then he’s pretty great at running around and making plays downfield. Can’t see the bears winning too many like they did last week, far too much scope for mistakes and errors. Heart says it’ll be within a score, head says it’ll be a ten point margin in a GB blowout.

No-one seem to really know what’s going to happen with kneeling/linking arms/etc. I saw Rodgers calling for the fans to get involved and link arms too, but then other people seem to think it’ll go back to business as usual this week.

I hope they all fall in a trench have a lovely time.


Got to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow for a London train but I’m sure seeing the result will make it a lovely korning

Life is, indeed, peachy

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Hoping for some spectacular stuff from **THE HUMAN JOYSTICK

Cohen and Howard have been nicknamed…

The Human Joystick and the Rumble Pak

I’d have gone for Len and Frankie

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Lennie and George

Ethan and Catherine

Cannon and Ball

…Little and Large???

Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen

Lars fredriksen & the bastards

Cohen and the Barbarian

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Coheed and Cambria

Just watched the 30 for 30 documentary about the Baltimore Colts Marching Band. Superb stuff. Marred slightly by the fact that they inherited another state’s team, but still pretty inspiring.

The footage of that '58 Championship game’s something else.

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Watched the condensed version this morning. The Bears were bad in every way you might imagine, and then tried some new ones out for good measure. Glennon’s interceptions were just gruesome, and they seemed not to trust him in the 4th quarter, running almost everything down 28. If they don’t dare let Glennon throw, and they won’t put Trubisky in, ???

Yet they still beat the Steelers last week. Football, eh?

That was A+

I rewatched a bit of the Steelers game a couple of days ago - Pittsburgh were really bad. Only AB was any good - their D line was dominated, big Ben was poor, bell looked like an average starting RB. They were lucky to get away from Cleveland in week 1 with a win.

I imagine it’ll all click soon enough

I’m so bored of people saying Rodgers makes plays “no other quarterback could make”. It’s like a pavlovian tick every time he completes a fucking pass. Could we save it for actual rare occasions he does pull off something spectacular (which I admit, he can do)?