Rolling Nicolas Cage

Just a place to put all your opinions, images, gifs and videos of the man whenever you see fit.
My favourite film that he is in is either Wild at Heart or Leaving Las Vegas, but Con Air is good as is 8mm.

I look forward to your contributions but please don’t feel obligated to do anything.

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i’ll kick things off with a classic

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Seen a lot of folks including our very own @incandenza posting this little gem from a while ago

Nicolas Cage is 26 years old at this point.


I recall that Raising Arizona was excellent and that he was once a really good actor. But maybe I was just young. Or else he really did just give up?

He shares his birthday with my Father, same year and everything.

I’ve seen his grave

Bad Lieutenant was the shit as well right? Might rewatch it soon.

He bought a castle in Transylvania didn’t he?

I like him.

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Anyone seen Deadfall? Terrible film, but Cage is completely insane in it.

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He just went for the money in the end (i believe to fund many ridiculously extravagant purchases!) but yea, he was great in the early - mid 90’s. Raising Arizona, Wild at Heart, & Leaving Las Vegas. even when he started to go big he was brilliant with The Rock & Face/Off. I remember bringing out the dead being watchable but could be wrong - pretty dark though. After that there’s loads of shit but Bad lieutenant was good, and Lord of War was passable even though it’s got a terrible title.

That’s probably the most i have ever written about him.

Isn’t he a vampire too? Or been alive for a few hundred years at least!?

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He is bad

Seems to do ok

List of bad people who do alright for themselves

this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen