Rolling - non 'classics' you played to death at the time and have just re-listened to and want to chat about


8/10-ish albums which were great at the time but aren’t going to make it onto any sort of essential albums list. Suspect we all mainly listen to a mix of new releases and long-established favourites. I like going back and re-listening to stuff I haven’t heard for several years and remembering why I played it to death at the time. Talk about them here and maybe we can inspire each other to rediscover some fun albums.


Last night I listened to Royksopp’s Melody AM. Remember some mobile phone company using So Easy and the album seemed to be one of those crossover ‘chillout’ successes like Moby’s Play.

Enjoyed going back to it. The opening couple of tracks actually hold up really well in comparison to the vast amounts of ‘electronica’ I listen to. Sparks is bloomin’ lovely in a sort of Teardrop vein - remember thinking if was one of the most subtly beautiful songs I’d heard at the time. Still feel like Poor Leno is a good track which feels out of place in terms of the album flow.

Decent album - look forward to listening again in 2020.



Deja Entendu - does not hold up very well at all


This isn’t close to being true.


Tell all your friends - hit and miss but there are some fucking undeniable bangers


Can I just say that I really like it when someone says, in a thread, “I’m going to make a thread about this,” and then they do! It’s like seeing their dreams come true. Or something.


The Distillers - Coral Fang often gets a run out from me and it’s an absolute blast


Please stop Tone-policing!


Weirdly I had an urge to put Lost Souls by Doves on in the car on my way to work today and am pleased to report I enjoyed it.


Fwiw, the devil and God etc. is decent, your favourite weapon is obviously terrible but everyone knew that at the time and that was the whole charm of the thing


he normally goes by Ant I think




it’s actually aged very well really


Yeah it still sounds like it’s brand new!!!



Great shout this. Absolutely fits the bill. Had a similar experience with the album a couple of years ago - definitely time to revisit :+1:

Ceee-ee-dar rooooooo-oooooooommm


What the toll tells - still absolutely love it actually, warts n all


This is not in the spirit of the thread, sorry.
@here the album needs to be one which does NOT often get a run out


pj harvey - let england shake. could probs chuck stories… in here as well actually, rarely listen to either much these days. TBYML is generally my go to if i need a peej fix