Rolling - non 'classics' you played to death at the time and have just re-listened to and want to chat about


Ah sorry, didnt read it!

I will therefore change to You Come Before You by Poison the Well. Beefy


Hello sadness fills a lot of wintertime listening


I accept your grovelling apology.


Been toying with the idea since listening to ‘Halcyon Digest’ a couple of months back. I more frequently dig out ‘Helicopter’ because it’s one of the best songs of the last 10 years, but it had been ages since I’d listened to the whole album. Was properly enjoyable and I’d forgotten how good the other tracks were.


Let England shake is probably the most recently released record that I would call an absolute classic. It’s a10/10 for me Clive.


I thought that when it came out but I’ve softened on it a bit since then, but yeah, still great


gave wolfgang amadeus phoenix a spin recently as its one of my ‘summer’ albums- as pop goes that one’s really hard to beat.


Have this periodically with almost all of Parquet Courts’ records


Cave In - Jupiter


I still love that album quite a lot


That first midlake album that I borrowed my name from is still pretty special.


I listen to In It For The Money by Supergrass quite a bit. Great songs, especially Hollow Little Reign.


I have a big soft spot for …and this is our music by Brian Jones the Massacre. Heard it recently and remembered how much I like it.


Phosphorescent - Muchacho

Such beautiful tunes on a slow summers morning


As it happens, a very similar thread idea came to me the other night when I realised it must be at least fifteen years since I listened to The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. Sadly, I’ve not been very quick off the mark in reappraising it but I’ll report back as soon as possible.


Probably give this a regular spin every 6 months. I think it is generally regarded as a classic, but I look forward to reading your re-appraisal anyway as 15 years absent is definitely hitting the brief for this thread.


Sunny weather lead me to bust out Human Performance just the other day. Love that album.


Moving, so going through the old CD collection and put on Mansun’s Attack of the Grey Lantern. Surprisingly held up pretty well. Whatever happened to them?


XTRMNTR - Primal Scream

I hadn’t listened to any Primal Scream for ages, but we’re seeing them play a local festival soon, so this was the starting point for a bit of revision. Great to revisit and always my favourite PS album. (Do wonder now if it might have influenced early Kasabian, but trying to get over that.)


Handcream for a Generation by Cornershop sounds implausibly good in the year 2017, not a classic but really great fun.