Rolling - non 'classics' you played to death at the time and have just re-listened to and want to chat about


Public Image Ltd. - This Is What You Want… This Is What You Get. Widely panned upon release and bought it from the bargain bin in Boots in the 80’s for 99p. Sounds great now and scathing yet representative of its time.


can’t have listened to this more than a few times myself. ‘Pride’ is one of my absolute favourites, whereas that one was just… hmm.


The op said “NON” classics, Ant. :wink:


Two that spring to mind, I pretty much listened to them constantly back in 2002/03 and loved them - Hell is for Heroes’ Neon Handshake and Hundred Reasons’ Ideas Above Our Station.

Neon Handshake is still absolutely 10/10 for me, listen to it quite often and still get pretty charged but I put Ideas… on recently and although there’s some great songs on there I don’t think it’s aged very well.


listened to beck - modern guilt earlier for the first time in ages, every track is 8 on 10


Listening as I type to Ladytron - Light and Magic.
I loved it at the time and played it endlessly. Before now I hadn’t put it on for around five years. Brilliant album. A “lost” British classic.


Kasabian were clearly trying to copy the sound no doubts about it. Still I would put it as a proper classic.


Listened to The Hazards of Love by The Decemberists on Sunday for the first time in aaages. Loved it on release and saw the live show when they played it through but it’s the album I return to least. Got some of their heaviest tracks on which it wss nice to return to - they don’t rock out often but they do it well. All in all, fun listen but definitely tails off at the end.


Yep, point taken. Perhaps you could make a good case for its “proper classic” status. I dug it out before Screamadelica.


Wild Nothing - Nocturne

Almost guaranteed to become a forgotten name in the near future…but this one of the best albums of 80s guitar pop in living memory.


Had this on a couple of times over the past few weeks! Was reminded of it after hearing the new Toro Y Moi. A perfect soundtrack to summery afternoons.


Supergrass’ self-titled album and Without You I’m Nothing by The Placebos. Listened a few weeks back and they still sound great.


With you on these. Supergrass got a pasting when it came out but the singles are brilliant, and Shotover Hill/Eon are bloody lovely. Also got a lot of time for Life On Other Planets.


Tallest Man on Earth - The Wild Hunt

Not a fan of any other of his records, but every song on this is a belter. Rediscovered it when systematically going through old stuff I never listen to any more - one of the best records of 2010 for me.


I think this happens with every Bat For Lashes album, you know. With every single album she’s released I’ve listened heavily on release, found it quite pleasant, then not listened for months. But then, when I do finally revisit it, I’m overwhelmed.

It happened with her latest, The Bride, yesterday. It’s stunning. Given time, I may even rate it higher than The Haunted Man. I would never have thought that possible.


The Haunted Man is an all time favourite for me. Especially Oh Yeah and Deep Sea Diver.


I like the title track, Lilies, Marilyn, A Wall, Laura, Winter Fields…

…shit, it’s so, so good.


listened to it everyday, several times a day when it came out. would sit in this tiny box room in my houseshare playing FF7 with it on. memoriezzzz


Listening to Caribou’s Our Love at the moment, and would say it properly fits the bill for me. A great album through and through but if I wanna listen to some Caribou I always go for certain tracks off his older albums…

Bat for Lashes is a good shout also, tend to get properly obsessed with her for a few weeks a year but then forget about her for the rest.


Taking and Landing of everything or whatever it’s called by Elbow

that and Asleep in the Back, except AITB is a 10/10