Rolling NON-EUROS football chat for June and July ⚽️

Do you want to discuss:

Your club’s transfer targets?
The latest refurb of the training ground?
Manchester United formations?
What footballer you’ve just randomly thought of?

Then this thread is for you!

Would you mind doing the honours, please, @Parsefone

I’m gonna try watch some of that Euro nonsense, but i’ll no doubt lose interest by the 2nd round of games.

Nice thread


Who had “3rd post” in the sweepstake?

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Good thread


De Zerbi to Marseille seems utterly pointless.

Barkley to villa apparently…if we get that season and 5m for him that was decent business

Just randomly thought of a footballer

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Martin Pringle

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It was Linvoy Primus.


Sounds like Millwall’s keeper has passed away. Only 26. Christ.

Yeah, I was just reading about that. Awful news.


Kevin Campbell’s gone as well. What a shite morning.

awful news

awh man :cry:

Both of these have hit a bit closer to home than they usually would. We had Sarkic on loan during the Covid season, he was brilliant and thought he could have made it at Prem level. I guess at 26 as a keeper he easily could still have done. Absolutely terrifying that something like that could happen to someone so young.

We also had Kevin’s son Tyrese on loan a couple of years back, Kevin would come every week and sit with the fans. Especially at away games he got a lot of attention from drunk fans, partly as a famous ex-footballer and partly tbh as a black guy in a 99% white crowd, and he always dealt with the attention gracefully. Seemed like a lovely guy generally.

Two people gone at absolutely no age, gutted.


He was a really nice bloke. Lived in the flats on whitworth street facing bannantynes.
Always watching the football in Osheas.
Lived the floor beneath my mate, he’s absolutely devvoed

fucking hell, rip super kev :cry:


Isn’t Campbell the highest scoring English player in the Prem not to be capped?

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