Rolling Post Louis (my band JAG) MftSB thread



Morning all, it’s a new day yes it is. After two long years Post Louis (remember them?!) are back with a new song:

We are playing a free show at Stour Space tomorrow night if anyone is about, otherwise we are doing a headline show at Paper Dress Vintage on the 27th of April

Please have a listen!


yas! this is great man


thank you!


here it is if you cannae be arsed with the article:


Event for tonight!


I love playing PDV Michael who runs it is the nicest man in the world. I’ll try and come down :slight_smile:




This is great - guitars are great. Love the reverb drenched bits and the fuzzy bits


Yes! All the bits! Thank you!


We are on at 9.30!


yo we are now on spotify and the like here:


New show! (FB you a-hole)


Please come to our headline show, LME!




This is brilliant! :sparkles:


thank you Witches :slight_smile: excited to see what happens with it because we’ve got a whole album of this shit ha


Ooo, cool!! Well I am excited to hear it! ALL OF IT.


new track now on Spotify :slight_smile:


Hi pals, our next show is Friday 29th at Camden Lock Tavern and is free entry!


Reminder that this is on Friday!