Rolling Post Louis (my band JAG) MftSB thread

caught the attention of tastemakers hey!

I’m actually in london for MLIW & Svalbart tomorrow, and Bong on Friday in camden - what time are you on as if its possible i’ll come down if i’m not too bonged out.

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We’re playing at 10pm :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d kinda forgotten about this thread but our album is out on Friday and we’ve been getting some plays on BBC6 lately which is fun, come join!

I heard this on Steve Lamacq and couldn’t remember if it was your band or if they just had a similar name!

I enjoyed it.

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Yeah he played us a couple days ago right? Was very flattering!

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I’ve got to be honest, I normally blank out Steve’s musical thoughts but I liked it independently of him and the fact I know you.

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One of the few albums out so far this year that lasts the duration of my drive to/from work so I’ll try and give it a listen at some point - there were loads of 50m to 1h albums last year but a proper dearth this time around

Anyway Lamacq gave it another play on 6 Music Recommends (didn’t listen as I don’t like much of the music he plays but gave the tracklist a peruse to see if there was anything interesting)

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He opened with us and had some very nice words after :blush:

Hope you enjoy the record!

We are the featured artist on his introducing show right now

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