Rolling Psych Thread 2017

We have a rolling shoegaze thread, a rolling dance (or whatever) thread, a rolling jazz thread, a rolling ambient thread, a rolling indie pop thread, and a rolling hip hop thread - so it’s about time we had a rolling psych thread.

The first wave of bands have been announced for the Liverpool Psych Fest.

Black Angels, Songhoy Blues, Laetita Sadier, Loop, Adrian Sherwood, Wolf People, The Comet is Coming, Bitchin’ Bajas, Sex Swing, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, and many many more.

Dead exciting.

Oh no, did I post this in the wrong board?

I am profoundly ashamed.

Do Grails count? Their new album is pretty awesome.

I’m not familiar!

If they scan as psych to you, then of course they count.

We might as well define the term now.

Let’s say “potentially trance inducing”.

Works a bit better than “you just know, you know?”

Are Grails potentially trance-inducing?

Absolutely. Their allmusic entry says:

Alternative/Indie Rock
Experimental Rock
Acid Folk

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There’s definitely a degree psychedelia in them, though their new one is probably more influenced by trashy film soundtracks. I’m not sure they fit into any one category so they may as well go here.

Chalice Hymnal is really good anyways.

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I’ve been listening to the new Blown Out record a lot, which is predictably excellent. Mike Vest seldom disappoints. And the Flowers Must Die album on Rocket is really good in a bizarro disco-psych sort of way. That’s not out for a while though.

Liverpool Psych Fest looks incredible as ever but I’ll have to miss it due to being permaskint.

The title track is very psych. You’re right that they’re an impossible band to pigeonhole genre-wise.

Grails definitely counts. Not so sure about the new record as a whole though; I like it, but their crossover with their Lilacs & Champagne sideproject leads to a sound that sounds like fragments of even better songs.

posted elsewhere, and not a new track, but something incredibly overlooked:

like a sunny, early 00s Boredoms.

It took a while to grow on me. I think listening to Emil Amos’ Drifter’s Sympathy podcast* helped - I enjoyed listening through his influences and piecing it all together. It is very Lilacs & Champagne but I love that stuff too so I don’t mind so much.

*The even numbered episodes anyways. I’m not so keen on the weird semi-autobiographical story stuff.


Anything on Rocket Records! I got their sampler album a few years ago - just incredible.

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nice floaty pulsing few minutes

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been loving the new Moon Duo

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Of all the bands announced for Liverpool Psych Fest so far, I think I’m most excited for Bitchin Bajas:

new Temples is out. Some accusations of Currents-isms, and while I can hear where people might make the connection, it feels a bit more true to psych rock rather than an awkward Psych-ish 80s Pop mix.

Did you hear their album with Bonnie Prince Billy last year? Pretty great, very relaxing, bit like a mega stoned hippy gong bath jam

I did not! But that’s quite an irresistible description there.

Excellent live too.

The album he did with The Congos and M. Geddes Gengras is proper GOAT material: