Rolling Psych Thread 2017



Excellent live too.

The album he did with The Congos and M. Geddes Gengras is proper GOAT material:


I keep meaning to listen to Sun Araw. I only really know the tracks from the Hotline Miami soundtrack. Where should I start?


The On Patrol album’s a good place to start.


Cool, I’ll give that a go. Cheers!


Yep, On Patrol is probably/possibly my favourite of his, a mighty tropical/dub/psych journey into the night. Saw him live around this time and it was a beauty. Heavy Deeds is great too, as is Ancient Romans. Be prepared to dive in deep and get involved, tune into what he’s doing and it’s magnificent. He took a turn with Belomancie, stripped back the tropical psych thang, pretty bare bones, added electronics and glitchy treatments (or something). I love it but I know a few fans of his older stuff were turned off completely by it.


Yeah, he’s gone very minimalist now. All of his songs are full of space, and it’s rare that two instruments are played at the same time, and when they are it’s usually single notes rather than chords or drones, and the vocals are staccato chants. Compelling - especially live.


I saw him around Ancient Romans at Corsica Studios and his sound was beginning to change a bit then. Compelling and very groovy once I locked into it. Saw him again at Café Oto, as a three piece, the S Araw Trio. That was very bonkers in a good way, very far out. Bought the Gazebo Effect album but haven’t engaged with it as much as Belomancie, almost a step too far into the endurance test areas.


His bandcamp page has great live recordings on it, including the Café Oto show


Well, that’s my evening sorted. A thousand thanks, friend.


the guy who founded Japan’s PSF record died earlier this week:

written by the guy who is reissuing its catalogue.


‘Liking’ feels highly inappropriate of course, but I’m happy to see that he’s getting some recognition, and that the PSF catalogue will be reissued - so many great, great things on it


also posted in the ambient thread, can’t get enough of this album though


Wolf People released an album last year! I had no idea.

Very tasty:


another Moon Duo out in May:


I’ve heard the new Temples twice now and, though it’s a lot synthier than the debut, they haven’t done a Tame Impala.

To me it sounds like one of those 70s German synth albums remixed/reinterpreted with louder drums and faster tempos. Very pleasing sound!


new Heliocentrics album (which has already leaked):


I think this might be their best yet y’know - it’s certainly their best sounding record so far. Great band.


I completely agree. Certainly the best since their debut. Musically they’ve always been right on, but on the past few albums the vocals have been incongruously “finger-in-the-ear” folky. They somehow work here.


I quite liked the folky leanings on Steeple tbf - but on Fain it was a bit much. Can’t be doing with any song that starts with a line like, “I am a thief of high renown.” Too LARP-y for my tastes.


I’m too big a fan of Rush and Decemberists for that to be a real problem, but I can see why others might find it a bit much.