Rolling Psych Thread 2017



new Black Angels has leaked. definite step up from Indigo Meadow. Slightly disappointed that Comanche Moon is a reworking of their Waterloo Waltz single, but it’s still a good track.

didn’t know there was a new Farflung EP (actually 35 minutes) out this week too:


new in zaire record this monday


can’t find any streaming links, but a review makes it sound like it’s quite different.


eh… this isn’t very good. Not really that different, but just kind of boring.


yeah i’m not really having it yet either.

i really loved white sun, was propulsive & hyperfocused down to the smallest bit of light at the end of the tunnel, felt like playing wipeout 2097 everytime i listened to it. they occasionally get to that place on this record but it’s a lot more spread out.


Sun Araw has announced a gig at the Jazz Café in Sept, well worth seeing live

New album , first couple of tracks are ‘tricky’ but then on it’s a great trip.


No time to listen just now, but what’s it like?

By which I mean, his recent releases have been more and more stripped back. Has he reached 1BPM yet?


1BPM, haha, not just yet. I really like it. Much prefer it to the Gazebo Effect album which scrambled my head a bit too much. Some nice slide guitar, up front vocals, his usual unique rhythms, some of it pretty darn funky, some feeling like it’s gone out of control, some drifting like campfire embers. Features a cover of Bob Dylan’s I Shall Be Released, which is super sweet. The vinyl package is a beauty, real quality to it. I’m a fan anyways.


Well that sounds fabulous!


Really quite enjoying the new Julie’s Haircut album:

One of those “does nothing particularly new but does what it does very well indeed” things. Good if you like motorik rhythms, whispered vocals and droning organs.


have been enjoying these records from this year abouts to varying degrees.

pretty straight krautrock, :+1:

heavy psych with a bit of soft machine type of thing on some tracks, lovely strainy voice.

weird drop tuned stoner riffs with sweet high pitched vocals, like tweak bird or mars red sky? not even psych?

acid mothers/pink floydy japan psych with steel drums and stuff. cover santana & mclaughlin.


I just got around to listening to Sundays & Cybele and rushed to the thread to tell everyone about it - completely forgot you recommended it. Lovely stuff.

That Lamagaia record is also really nice.


volume 2’s out now too but is pretty boring on its own compared to the brilliance of volume 1. works well as a double album though.


didn’t realise tonstartssbandht had a new record out this year



this is a fucking incredible record btw m9s


new Wet Hair record (their last as they no longer exist) is proper great


been listening to that jane weaver album a lot.

man she’s ace


Yep, her last album got a lot of hype in some circles (Piccadilly Records’ Album of the Year, for example), and though I really enjoyed it, I didn’t think it was quite as good as it was made out to be. THIS ONE, though, I’ve realised is what I wanted the last one to sound like…if that makes sense.


Sames, that last record was a good and competent record in a style I like but it didn’t really coalesce into anything bigger than that for me. Only picked this one up cause she was great supporting goat last year and it’s so. bloody. good.


just stumbled upon this: mythic sunship - land between rivers
and been really enjoying this: trad gras och stenar - traden…
yet to fully investigate, but really liked their last one: the myrrors - hasta la victoria
also, looking forward to new chris forsyth and the solar motel band…