Rolling psytrance, psybient, psydub, psychill thread

Fair play. There are some tropes which I can imagine grating for most people. If you fancy giving it another spin, can’t recommend Ott’s Fairchildren and Blumenkraft highly enough.

this fit?

Yeah, this is good :slight_smile: Definitely file under psychill.

Hey @Twinkletoes, how does this Boom Town Psy lineup look to you?

It’s a winner by sheer virtue of having Ott on the card. It also makes me realise that my knowledge of psy is way less deep than, say, ambient or (gulp) IDM given I’ve only heard of Eat Static out of the remaining headliners. I am going to spend my afternoon working through everyone in the largest font :smiley:

Also, nothing on DiS could make me happier than this sort of notification!

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I’m going to delve too! Let me know if you find anything good.

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Some good releases starting to trickle through this year as I sift through the weekly round-ups.

This traverses the genres - psychill borrowing some of the less cringeworthy tropes from psystep.

On the spacier side of things (think Solar Fields or most releases on the Ultimae label). Was one of my AOTMs in Feb.

Finally, I’ve not actually listened to it yet, but just stumbled across this artwork :joy:

I’m going to set up a IFTTT so that every bit of album artwork that’s posted in this thread is automatically reposted in this “favourite album artwork” thread.

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Update: Mega Babelodon is truly awful. Yet to hear a good album which is classified as psystep but I live in hope!

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That shark, though…

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Spent the last couple of hours listening to Gaudi

Is good stuff. Funny listening to it how many samples I’ve heard used by other artists as well. It’s like there are half a dozen well-known ‘traditional’ songs that every producer can get their hands on with minimal effort.

Edit: Bass, Sweat & Tears… what a title!

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Nice album cover. Reminds me of a certain period of Yes.

Less of a pastiche with regard to its sources than much of this thread’s content. Lots of dub-inflected grooves to sink your teeth into. have finally done their top albums of 2016.

Holobiont was my number one of the genre as well, so I’m happy that came out on top. Gonna sample anything I haven’t heard before from the rest of the list.

This’ll come in handy.

Why’ve they published it so late? Maybe they were waiting for the new tax year.

Ha! Not sure - their forum has 6710 posts ever so I don’t think it’s the most vibrant community…

Looks like my love for Holobiont was what inspired me to start this burgeoning thread in the first place. 3 tracks into the Suduaya release - good so far. As one might intuit from the artwork and album title, it’s more space-y than tribal world music-y Shpongle-y.

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This is stellar, and belongs in this thread.

Resurrecting this thread of champions as Banco De Gaia’s Big Men Cry is 20 years old. Seminal 90s psydub

Belatedly giving the new Koan album a spin. Elements of witch house which works really nicely.

Just found this thread. I saw Ott at Bearded Theory last year, and he was the best thing all weekend by miles. It’s not in this thread that I’ve seen, but his Mir album is really good. He’s in Exeter in September, think I will make the trip down the M5 again.

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