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Bought the Twin Peaks soundtrack repress the other weekend, was a bit steep to be honest, had I known the price I’d have just left it but asked the guy in the shop to put one aside for me so felt obliged to buy. It’s still great though so not really a complaint.

Got Capsule’s Pride by Bwana too. It’s stunning. Been on heavy rotation all year. Free download from LuckyMe if anyone’s interested - it’s an Akira remix album.


what’s the sound like, man? heard loads of horror stories on this one


had a shelf collapse under the weight of all my vinyl the other day. TBH I need a new storage solution tbf my records are currently keeping the table warm


No complaints from me, Bird. Sounding pretty ace. What you heard?


poor quality, off centre pressings. these thoughts are mostly from complete audiophiles though, so probably wouldn’t register with the average joe, tbh


Calling me an average joe like, pal?

Nah, I get you. I deal with audiophiles daily in work. But honestly, didn’t notice any issues with my pressing. Had it cranked up at the weekend and sounded lush to me.


Picked up 3 for a tenner the other day down Ladbroke Grove:

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bayou Country
Ian Dury - New Boots and Panties
Gladys Knight + Pips - Life

Digging the first two, jury still out on Life.

Got a new stylus the other week and it has transformed the sound system, so listening to lots more now. Had Laurie Anderson - Home of the Brave on last night which I picked up ages ago and didn’t properly listen to. It’s mental and brilliant.


picked up a couple copies of Odelay limited edition the other week. limited to 2016. not cracked em open yet. gonna wait for the general release on black vinyl in October and if the quality is good enough, I’ll sell one of the other ones. in fact, I’ll definitely sell the second copy, no matter what!

they’re already going for £50-£60. easy money


do you fellow record collectors get nervous when newbies are handling your records? especially the precious gems?

had some mates round the other night and one guy was dead keen to check out my records. he’d had a couple of beers and spleeods and the records kept falling out of their sleeves onto the floor while he was checking them out! fucking hell, had some kittens that night.

wasn’t that keen on how he was handling them either or when he started putting 60’s psychedelia records in the jazz section, for example!



recently bought Hannah Epperson’s LP (


I would get mega anal in that situation too birdman. Usually I find the opposite - people are overly nervous about rifling through them, when I genuinely want them to check out the fruits of my hoarding instinct.


Teens of Denial - Carseat Headrest
Extra Painful - Yo La Tengo
Requiem for Hell - Mono

All bought in the past week

The mono packaging is bloody lovely. Looks incredible and sound brilliant


Payday tomorrow, reckon I’m going to pick up Nick Cave’s new one. Not looking to spend over £20 on it though.



already picked up the limited edition Odelay and pre ordered Sea Change from Amazon, but there is no way I’m not gonna also be picking up Midnite Vultures, The Information, Modern Guilt and Mutations. 'kin hell man, wallet is gonna take a solid hit over the next couple of months.


so, I’ve found myself into a bit of a standoff with some chump on Discogs. picked up Buhloone Mindstate (finally) the other week. was advertised as VG+/VG+, so I paid top dollar.

firstly, the cunt charged £4.99 for P&P, which is fine if recorded delivery. it wasn’t. it was the basic £2.95 second class. this was not clear in his terms, tbf

anyway, got the record and the grading is well off. it’s quite crackly throughout. not unplayable by any means, but more like VG.

I messaged the punk and explained I had play tested the record twice and it wasn’t the grade he gave. I asked for a £15 discount, which using the goldmine grading system, is the fair price to pay on a record in this condition.

cunt just sent me back a generic, nonsense reply, not even entering into any form of negotoaton. he told me he paid 20 sniffs for it a few weeks ago, even though there was a sticker on the inner sleeve for £35. told him this isn’t how selling to fellow members works. you win some, you lose some.

he sent back another message again just talking shit and saying return for full refund (i’d pay P&P)

I’ve kept the dick waiting for a week, and have just messaged him again saying that I will keep the lp, but if he isn’t even prepared to meet me at least half way, I’ll leave the appropriate feedback.

we will see!

cheers guys


*he paid £40, not £20


do you have a mono cartridge rich?


Stupidly bought Sea change, Guero and The Information on cd back in the day. Will definitely get Sea change on vinyl as a priority and the others at some point even though they’re probably my least fav Beck albums.

Hoping we’ll get Grandaddy re-issues now they are back on the scene.


Problem I have with discogs is the cost of postage. Where I live (in Italy) even basic postage for a single record is over 10 euros. So costs the same as ordering from the UK or another European country. Basically makes it not worth buying anything other than high value stuff.

Had a dispute once with a record I sold - was immaculate - guy claimed it had some sort of imperfection on the spine of the sleeve. Was a pussy and essentially ended up giving it to him for free. I thought I had been as clear as possible with descriptions but basically double-downed on it after that and insisted on sending people photographs etc. Probably ott for 99% of people but unfortunately there are always going to be a few people who are out to take the piss.