Rolling record chat


Picked up Shaking the Habitual for a £10 in Fopp Covent Garden. Beautiful triple gatefold with posters and CDs. Bargain.

Also got The Antlers - Familiars for a fiver, CD included. Excellent haul all in all.


yeah, that sucks man.

fuck that! I always dig my heels in on stuff like that

agreed. the chap I bought the record off had pretty solid feedback. 1000+. when you’re selling shit loads of records, you simply don’t have time to play test every record. that’s fair do’s and probably what happened with the De La record


Quick poll.

When your record comes with all sorts of bits and bobs, posters, CDs etc, what do you do with them?

  • Keep it all inside the sleeve forever.
  • Posters are for walls, put them up! CDs live with other CDs!

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I also keep gig tickets inside the reocrd sleeve if I’ve seen them on the tour for that album


second that. pricey. but damn


Normally take the CD for the car. Just leave posters in the sleeve once I’ve had a look at them.


me too
set lists as well


also record goes in poly lined inner sleeve
original sleeve, now empty, goes inside outer sleeve
both stored next to each other in separate poly sleeve