Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop 2020

Not that I have seen. It’s weird as some big US labels have an EU store, so you save on postage and customs of course. I thought it was Relapse. I really did, but can’t see one. So I got the Butterfly one from the US.

So, you have probably seen the listings talking about UK/Europe variants, but I have not seen any more information. When ToT came out Rough Trade got a special version and I ordered one from Germany too.

It is really annoying, it was announced, and the sale all happened within about 24 hours. I only just heard about it due to twitter.

Think I’ll hold out for an indies variant. Liking the single. Hope the album is less chuggy and clunky than the last one.

Same here. It really wasn’t well received from what I can tell as well.

Just to say belated thank you for this tip.

This is definitely up there with the best shoegaze records I’ve heard that have been released in the last few years

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It’s really nice, isn’t it? They know exactly what they’re doing, and I, for one, like it.

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Bloomin’ heck, they’re already listing second press standard versions on Relapse.

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Holy shit! Mind you, loads went to flippers from the first batch. Very tempted by that Bloodshot eye one as it looks amazing. But the EU ones should be on the way soon.

Made a separate thread for these but got no purchase so;

Really nice dream pop.


I rated Whipping Boy’s LP Submarine highly when I checked it out a year ago but this EP is incredible - 3 shoegaze classics - and I thought I’d well exhausted shoegaze circa 89-94…THANK YOU :slight_smile:

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…make that 2 :slight_smile:

Mainly @Avery but if anyone else is interested. Lovely looking variant up now /100

Oooh a 100 pressing, didn’t expect that! Cheers for the heads up.


Yay! Slowdive are in the studio🥳


And there is work on the next Minor Victories album :smiley:


There are various places I could put this, but I remembered the other day that on the back of the great (although maybe not that shoe-gazey) EP earlier in the year, there’s a new Jesu album out in November, whoop!

I stumbled upon this today. It’s nice.

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Yeah, they are decent, not reinventing the wheel bed good at what they do.

New Nothing track. Again, reminds me of some stuff from the past, but still really liking it.

Might need a slight content warning for the video though, tiny bit grim in parts, self harm.