Rolling shoegaze / dreampop thread 2018

In response to another thread, I thought I’d kick off this year’s Rolling Shoegaze thread. I thought last year was a bit lacking (other than perhaps Slowdive’s excellent return), so I’m hoping for better this year. MBV have promised (ha) something, Ringo Deathstarr are swaddled in parenting so might not and Pinkshinyultrablast are prolific enough they’ll probably get something out. Post any shoegaze, dreampop and other stuff that is neither of these things, but hey, who cares about genre accuracy eh?!


Apparently this lot will release an album this year:

I heard these on a recommended playlist the other day and quite liked -

Good work, funky. Hoping for a bit more shoegaze action this year. Pretty much the only thing I got last year was Jessamines by Miniatures (Melbourne band), which is fine, but nothing spectacular.

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pretty sure Ringo Deathstarr did some recording towards the end of last year

Yeah, but they said progress was slow due to parental responsibilities…

Ah, fair enough

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…know what you mean but Slowdive’s album was sooooo good that I think it didn’t really matter…the Gnoomes one took on a proggier more electronic edge but was strong and can be filed loosely under shoegaze…as could the Jefre Cantu-Ledesman electronica-gaze effort. A rather lovely piece of work.

This year is all about MBV!

Interesting and experimental album…Siebenkas was my pick…a bit of a move away from the shoegaze of the debut…I was friends with the main man James for a while but not seen him in ages…useful footballer too…he is something of a production genius with the hint of the Shields about him and I hope he’s doing well these days

Swervedriver announce mini UK tour:

Last I heard, they were crowdfunding a new album so I wonder if this is coming to fruition.

Going on to Songkick also prompts me that The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Pinkshinyultrablast are also both over in The UK imminently…

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I stand corrected - it’s actually them playing Raise and Mezcal Head in full :open_mouth: As much as I like reformed bands to crack on with new material rather than become pure heritage acts, this is pretty exciting :+1:

I saw them tour Mezcal Head and they nailed it. Duel was magical. Well worth a look I’d have thought.

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Tickets went on sale this morning - got mine :metal:

Nathan from Cheatahs has a new project called Hypnotic Kingdom. It’s pretty good, though not as loud as Cheatahs were:

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Like this a lot. Mexican post rocky shoegaze.

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Check out the new album from Melbourne’s Lowtide

This is nice. Sorta Galaxie 500 esque dream pop.

According to this review they’re ex- of a 90s Peel fav called Beatglider, if that means anything to you (it doesn’t to me)

Thank you for introducing this band to me. Their album is fantastic.

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The Blush Response record’s bloody brilliant.

Dreampop and shoegaze are big for me, but loving this atm

Hoping to catch Pinkshinyultrablast in Brighton.