Rolling shoegaze / dreampop thread 2018



That is absolutely brilliant


Came out last year but only heard it earlier this year.


This is such a good record!

I went to Portland in like 2011 and there was this big street festival thing I went to, these guys were playing. I was just walking past and they were so good I stopped to watch. So glad they’re still going and at also killing it.


Really into this. Cheers!


Every time I listen to Cocteau Twins I always think they’re the greatest band of all time. I can’t think of any other band that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck like they do. Had another listen to Heaven and Las Vegas today and it hasn’t dated at all.


Watcha @Antelope, feels like I’ve not seen you on the boards for ages. How’s tricks?


Some dream pop list action over at p4k


Some videos Chris Ott did on shoegaze, mostly about the american side of things in the 90s. Very good stuff

Here’s a podcast of his about Going Blank Again and M B V, also very good


also: meme


Swirlies! If you’re reading this thread and you haven’t listened to either of their first two albums then do so straight away!


Hey man yes it has been far too long! Been really busy with moving and starting a new job, also in the middle of a show at the moment which is eating up a lot of my time so barely get a chance to post here! Mostly end up just browsing when I get the chance. How are things with you?


Nicely personal article about Souvlaki on the main site (there’s a main site?!?)…

It is true that an album that was largely laughed out of town at the time is now widely regarded as the second best shoegaze album ever made. Good notes on the production too - there are definitely layers there that reversal themselves over time. Like Loveless but without having taken 20 studio engineers to create :+1:


Really liking Say Sue Me - a dream pop/shoegaze gang from South Korea

Just came up as a recommendation from Spotify - don’t know a lot more about them


Say Sue Me are great! I discovered them last year when they supported Otoboke Beaver. Their latest single is lovely, has kind of a Pavement vibe


Little bit of a jag, I don’t play in this band fulltime but I tend to go in when they record to play some lead guitar. I do the atmospheric guitar noises and the more euphoric lines in this, as well as a little spoken backing vocal part ha.

It’s part of an ep out at the end of the month where I play on a couple of other songs which are a little darker and woozier if this song is too “up” for some people.


New Swervedriver song:


appreciating this thread :heart_eyes:


New album taboot to kick off the new year. :clap:


Yeah I like say sue me, sound very much like a Glasgow band that did the rounds about 10 years ago that I loved


Every modern band in this thread is as derivative as Greta Van Fleet