Rolling Shoegaze / Dreampop Thread 2019



Bringing this over from the 2018 thread - this is fantastic. Is there an album coming out? I can’t seem to find anything but I really hope so.


ooooo I second this. This is right up alley…


Do Teeth of the Sea count for this thread? Cause their new stuff sounds great.


Er…not sure that this does count tbh…:thinking:


Seconded…I really rate Carnavas and whilst i can see why tafh included it didn’t cross my mind to include…in the same way I wouldn;t think of Siamese Dream as a shoegaze record- even though its one of my top 5 LPs of all time and I know Billy was influenced by the shoegaze sound - some of which undoubatably rubs off on the record.


Looks like they have a short debut album up on their Bandcamp too from 2017, I’m liking it so far.

Edit: I’m not sure why bandcamp links always seem to start at track 3


I don’t think they do, it looks to me (or I’ve always assumed) that the band picks the ‘sample’ track they’d like a listener to hear if they only try one of the tracks on offer. So for Slow Crush, it’s the title track (last one). I’d agree with @Cdigrassi1 re: Carnavas (having given it a listen), it is great, but not necessarily classic shoegaze in tone. TBH, most of Swervedriver’s output is stretching what I’d regard as shoegaze and Mezcal Head is a top 5 album for me.


It’s because every time you link to a badcamp, you’re listening to the third track at the time. Must be a subconscious thing


I’m guessing I missed them here last year but this is some lovely stuff


Nice, enjoying this a lot - Dom Gourlay’s interview with them on DiS here:


Yeah, this is nice - they’re releasing a new LP this year (see taster below) - I’ve looked at their bandcamp and one of their tape releases is beyond an MBV pastiche (as is this to be honest), but still sounds nice:


New Swervedriver LP out tomorrow!


Will be purchasing :+1:

This thread had already DESTROYED last year’s total post count…



Thoughts on the Swervedriver LP? Upon first listen I would say meh…Maybe I had a bit too much to drink but didn’t resonate at all. Should probably give another listen tomorrow…


Found the excitement here strange as the last one was very meh to me too.


Yeah I guess. Seeing as ‘I Wasn’t Born To Lose You’ was their comeback in over 15 years I gave them a pass, because to me ‘Mezcal Head’ is an all time classic. I was hoping out of of love for 90’s Swervedriver that this new one would be solid. Missed the bar again…


Blankenberge seem to have released a new single. I quite liked their album from a couple of years ago, so hoping they have another on the way.


I’m enjoying the new Swervedriver tbh tbf. Maybe not quite as much as I Wasn’t Born To Lose You - still love that album. Stick it on in the summertime for long drives.

Caught them live on Friday night and Future Ruins and The Lonely Crowd Fades In The Air both sounded great live. Going to stick with it for a few more listens :+1:


This album came out last August, but it’s one of the best shoegaze albums I’ve heard in years. The band are called 揺らぎ (Yuragi) and the album is appropriately titled Still Dreaming, Still Deafening. It leans towards post-rock at times. The album is succinct with not a single duff track on there.

The whole album is on Spotify and Youtube. This track should give you a taster:


This is rather nice. They are a local band to me (Cardiff) caught them live a few weeks ago… Very very good gig…